Los Angeles.. the city of angels.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why do they call Los Angeles the city of angels when all I see is cars, highways and crazy people walking on the streets.

But nevertheless, I have always enjoyed being in the states coz there are plenty of shopping to do!
Its pretty amazing how many shops there are here... and how many Starbucks there are here, too.
Throw a stone and you would probably hit one.. or even three.

Im off to watch my DVDs later, need some time to settle down with a mask coz my skin is so dry from the changes in weather.
Its about 19degrees here but it feels colder.

I miss Jungle Boy already but he's so busy with work going into the jungle for the week.

And now u noe why I call him by that nickname coz he works in the jungle.. not becoz he is Tarzan and I am Jane. (??? where did that come from?)

I hope ur long weekend was fabulous coz we do need alittle break from the hustle and bustle of city life and work.
But do enjoy the rest of ur week, girls!
I noe I will.


God bless.



r:Hi R! There are no difference in prices from boutiques or dept stores becoz the prices are very controlled. However, if the particular store is having a sale then lucky u! But I like going to the boutiques coz the chances of getting a new piece is much higher as compared to the stores. (They have very limited sizes n pieces) Manolos are definitely cheaper in the states. CL are not as cheap, unless u get them on sale. :)

jas: I use the SKII cleanser, but my moisturizer is La mer for day and Clarins for night. I use Clinque toner and I never limit myself to a certain brand. I dun think anybody should either, and as long as a product work on u- thats good enough!

ger: Yes! Its me! Why neber call me... :P I go to IPUTA at level 5, tel: 67357073. But currently they are rather understaffed.. as two of their most experienced manicurists had left to set up their own shop. If u would like the contact of the other shop, u could tag me again.

fionz: Hi babe! I have replied u :)

meme: I have done a tutorial before.. its here! Pong Pong Hair Tutorial

liz: Wahahhahah I likeeee Jungle Boy alittle too much to be ashamed of him dun worry! :) But he is camera-shy and he does value his privacy (or whatever privacy he has left) N he always say he look like Andy Lau so he scare to put his picture up anywhere later got girl like him, how.
(-_-)'' I know.. I know.. *roll eye*

sassygirl: Hahahahhah erm! I didnt do my nose leh... its really natural! But u are not the first to say that.. I had Koreans coming up to me asking where I did my nose in Singapore.
But the question is.. its so big!!! How could anyone possibly think its done?? Im PIGGY NOSE u noe.... :(

HH: My job is a secret... if I tell u then I would have to kill u.
Ok.. Im really a shopaholic in disguise.

Bye girlssss!
Love y'all.
Take care!

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