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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hi guys!
Omg I tell u, I just walked into Challenger today and bought myself a Canon IXUS camera in pink!
Jungle Boy laughed at me coz I couldnt even wait for him to walk into the shop.
I went to find my BFF for a fringe trim and Challenger was on the same floor so ta-dahhh..

Jungle Boy forced me to promise that I wouldnt bling this up.
Quite cute la the pink but at $499.. got to eat grass for awhile.

Long overdueeeee pictures with my pong pong hair.
(Fringe was poking my eye)

Shihua's belated birthday present giving!

We bought her many Anna Sui inspired small trinkets which was perfect for her.. coz if u look carefully - u can see that her own shoes are also very Anna Sui!
Got flower flower somemore lor.

I miss my BFFs coz whenever we meet up, its laughter and evil plannings aplenty.
These girls make me laugh, make me cry, make me giggle like mad.
And I love them very very much.

And then my precious Leafy came back to town!
It was a great girlie meetup coz we bitched so much my mouth hurts from laughing alone.
U noe la, when girls come together.. we like to eat and talk!

Moved our butts to Big O cafe for cakes!
I simply adore the durian cake there.. everyone tasted it and agreed with me.
Prices are reasonable and even the chocolate truffle cake was simply divine.

All of us!

Our food.

With the star of the night... Leafy.
Muacks.. hope u are reading this.
Coz we miss u already!
Come back quick!

p.s told ya Im a short girl.. sob.


In the evening cam-whoring in the car.
Playing around with the modes, hence the difference in colors.

U all die.. think Im going to take many many pictures of myself from now onwards.. *snigger..evil laughter*

Brought my new camera out to have dinner with Jungle Boy and family.
We tried Claypot Fun at east coast Big Splash for the very first time.
Food was so-so, but the queue was not!
Being peak hour, we were kept waiting for awhile but their service was pretty good though.
Brought to u by the guys of Jumbo seafood.

Ok guys.. have to go pack my bag for work tomorrow!
Have a last minute trip to LA and then will come back before the end of the month.. just in time for my festive!

Children's day loooooor!
I so short.. all my colleagues say Im a kid.

Now with my gong gong hair.. lagi look like small girl.

But I think I look abit too old with my pong pong hair.. thats why I went to chop it all off.
Hehee! Its good to look young sometimes.. usually I pass off as 22 or 23 and credit card people sometimes dun dare to approach me coz I look so underaged!

Tags to be replied in the states.
Take care all.. God bless!

Selamat Hari Raya too!
Everyone enjoy ur well-deserved public holiday.. when Im off to work!


In a happy mood.. its a blessed blessed day for me!

Will be back soon, might be posting up my updated skincare regime.
Tag tag if u have questions.. I'll try my best to answer it once I get to LA.

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