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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Its been raining and Im so bloody thankful that I resisted the urge to wash my car yesterday!
And yes... we DIY car-washing too!

Frankly, car-washing has been quite a chore but luckily for me - Jungle Boy does the backbreaking stuff (like cleaning the tyres..yikes!) while I usually have the irksome duty of wiping the inside and dusting the rubber mats.

But weirdly it is quality time spent with the bf and it also gives him a workout.
Esp when I think he spends too long a duration hunched over a computer at work.

Talking about workouts, I nearly died in Yoga today but it was great fun!
And whenever I wince in pain - I would always curse silently and think.."Why the hell am I torturing myself??"
But like a drug, U get alittle addicted to the pain and it does feel good afterwards.

I ended the regime with a swim and got little darker again!
Sigh.. I can never be fair in this lifetime I guess.

All this swimming has done some damage to my tresses so I do alittle DIY to my hair whenever I have the time.

Amore has a sauna room so after I take a shower, I put a deep conditioning mask on my hair from roots to ends and sit in the steam for about ten minutes.

Even if u dun have access to a sauna room u can easily and replicate this in the comfort of ur home.


-A Towel
-Large Ziplock Bag
-Hair Mask (Any brand will do.)
-Kitchen Gloves (* Optional)

Place a wet towel in the ziplock bag but do not zip it fully, leave a small gap only.
This is to allow steam to escape.
Microwave the bag for about 2 minutes.
During this time, step in the shower and apply ur hair mask.
I recommend u to wear a pair of gloves becoz the steam and heat from the towel might scald u.
Wring the towel of excess water and wrap ur hair up in a *turban.

Q: How to wrap hair in a turban?
A:Prepare n place the towel at the nape of ur neck and bend over to let all ur hair fall to the front. Cover hair fully with the towel and twist towel while still bending over. Once fully twisted, stand upright and tuck the ends  of the towel into the back of the towel near the back of ur neck.

A Picture Illustration here:

Once hair is covered in towel, relax for 15 minutes before rinsing it out with cold water. Using cold water as a final rinse will cause the scales of the cuticle to close and can help constrict the openings of the sebaceous glands to help moderate sebum production.

Style as normal.
Apply serum at the ends of hair if necessary.

For most hair, using a clarifying shampoo is beneficial.
This gets rid of buildup from ur hairsprays or waxes and will enhance your DIY steaming process.
I use Nutrogena Clarifying shampoo, u can get it from most drugstores.

Buildup is when the hair has a sticky or gummy feel, the conditioner choice seems to work less well, or the hair may be more prone to tangling. Buildup occurs when the minerals from water and/or products are not rinsed away during shampooing. Clarifying shampoo may be required to remove it. Clarifying removes all things on the surface of the hair strands, essentially leaving the hair without moisture. Failure of conditioning as part of a clarifying hair wash process may lead to excessive drying of hair.
(Credits to wiki)

My mum had just discovered an Italian place in Macpherson and apparently the chef is an ang moh who married a local.
So off we went as a family for some authentic Italian fare in the suburbs!

My uncle joined us too coz he lived nearby and being a quiet man, I think he enjoyed the food silently becoz he had a couple of helpings!

I am most happy when I see loved ones enjoy the food they are eating.

I think mealtimes are most enjoyable times when u sit down with the family and recount about ur day.
This is where bonding occurs and to me,- food tastes best when shared. :)

It was a light, affable atmosphere and I wore my new pink top from Fashion Euphoria!

I paired it with a pair of black shorts and a skinny belt with wedge heels.


My favorite colour is pink and I loved how breezy this top is!

It is absolutely a dream to wear this in Singapore's weather. And you could easily wear this to the office with a pair of blank pants!

I'm lucky that I dun need to buy too many corporate clothes, else my wardrobe would have burst open by now!
And I guess no girl would resist pretty clothes.. sigh!

But many thanks to the lovely people of Fashion Euphoria, just quote "elaine01@fashphoria" to get a 10% discount if you purchase 1 item, 15% discount if you purchase 2 items and a cool 20% discount if you purchase 3 items and above for the whole mth of Sept!

Remember that u have to quote elaine01@fashphoria to get this wonderful discount!
*jumps up and down wildly*

Now.. thats really quite an offer, girls!

Bye all, have to go to bed soon!
Take care and tags to be replied soon.

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