Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Do u love weddings?
I know I do!

But like every girl on the street, I have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear.

So imagine how jubilant I was when I saw a parcel in the mail, courtesy of MOXIEMAIDEN.BLOGSPOT.COM!

I ordered a cheery dress, made up of pretty red roses but had totally forgot about it until the wedding date loomed near.
And it arrived just in time!

And it was perfeeeeeeect for a weekday dinner at Novotel Hotel.
I met up with old classmates from ten years (or actually...more!) ago and u cannot imagine the catching up.. the talking.. and most importantly the number of pictures and cameras there were!

We camwhored so much, the guys were joking about how we started picture-taking from the first dish to the last dish.

Nice not my dress?

I came right after work and was in such a hurry not to be too late for the wedding!
But seriously.. I am so darn thankful I had this dress from MOXIEMAIDEN.BLOGSPOT.COM coz I was really in too much in a rush to think about coordinating clothes that night!

And I think it looks cute for hi-tea too.

The march-in.

We talked more than we ate.
And took more pictures than talk!

Love my cutie Maaary.. *ahem* ok..ok.. Cheryl!

The bride and groom having a shot with all of us at the table.
Yes.. all girls coz I came from a girl's school what!

I lurved the steamed prawns from dinner!
Extremely fresh and I had it during Lyana's wedding so I told everyone to try the prawns coz I remembered how good it was then!

I sincerely wish my good friend the bride everlasting love and happiness and may she and her hubby be blessed richly by God to be happy and healthy always.

Take care Khimmy dear!
I'll see you soon.

elaine 73

Like my dress?
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I have another dress from them and I cant wait to wear it out!
So rem to take a look at MOXIEMAIDEN.BLOGSPOT.COM and perhaps the next dress you order might be the exact same dress that I have too!

U noe they say that great minds think alike, right?
Bye all.. off to bed now.

Meeting my evil BFFs tomorrow for post-christmas gift exchange!
Miss them so much.

Love love.

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