To London and back.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Helloooo everyone!
Im finally back and I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend!

Poor Jungle Boy is sick and didnt go to work yesterday ~
But he spent most of the day working from home... so poor thing!

Tonight we're going to dinner with my parents, love the steam boat at Golden Mile!
Nice, cheap and absolutely yummyyyy.

Talking about lovely food, I had a great meal with my favorite favoriter favortiest DUCK RICE in London!!!!

Located in the Bayswater area, its the best duck ever in the whole wide world.
I guess the cold weather helps, coz all the meat is fatty fatty kind.
How to diet u tell me???

There are only three things women need in life: food, water, and compliments.
- Chris Rock

So I walk off the calories by shopping.
Machiam laaaa.. a woman will find any excuse to go kai kai.

Cant resist taking a picture of the cuteeee cupcake tea set outside Frasers!
I wan to eat cupcakeeeee now~

I didnt buy much becoz I've been shopping a little too much recently and Jungle Boy is not happy.
Not that he pays for my shopping.. (Me not so fortunate!) but I think he's secretly scared that our wardrobe will come crushing down on him one day while he is sleeping.

But he was smiling from ear to ear when I told him I bought all my stuff from Primark, and not a single item from Selfridges okayyyyyy.

Primark UK - Primark is an Irish clothing retailer, operating in Ireland and the United Kingdom.
Primark is known for selling clothes at the budget end of the market.
The company's success is based on sourcing supply cheaply, making clothes with simple designs and fabrics, only making them in the most popular sizes, buying stock in huge bulks and varieties and not advertising.

Selfridges - is a chain of high end department stores in the United Kingdom.
It was founded by Harry Gordon Selfridge. The flagship store in London's Oxford Street is the second largest shop in the UK (after Harrods)

Im weird one la.
Even if I have no money in my pocket I must die die go Selfridges and sniff all the leather.
Walk and admireeee all the couture also shioook.

And one day even when Im old and wrinkly and in a wheelchair , I betcha I'll do the same in Takashimaya.
Dun like all the ION, dunno what 313 or central sh*t.. still love my big big look-more-like-shopping-centre Taka!

Dunno why they try to make me confused when I go shopping.
I just need stores to go in to, not an art museum selling clothes.. if I get pek ciat trying to find a toilet in a shopping centre - I might just walk out u noe?

Now I go to Tampines Mall and I am contented.
At least the toilets are easy to find.

Oooh look at my Lady Gaga top!
Think it cost like 6pounds (or S$12) and the belt 2.50 pounds (S$5) or something.
So cheaaaap.. I like!

I call it Lady Gaga coz it has over the top puffy sleeves and pink black polka dotted design.
Not sure if I would ever have the guts to wear it out though.. hehee!

But that day in London I wore something slightly normal.. but also just as cute in real life.

My blue dress from CLUBCOUTURE!
Love its nautical feel.. and that lovely ribbon in the front.
I do like how professional ClubCouture has been, from the ordering of clothes to the delivery of the items. They accept all major credit cards and you even get a surprise gift if u sign up online!

Click here!

(Disclaimer: Due to ClubCouture's frequent new arrivals, this particular dress might be already sold out. Kindly check out their website for more information.)

I love life because what more is there.
-Anthony Hopkins

Bye all! :)
Tomorrow I want to go shopping again..
Take care and drink more water in this hot weather~

elaine 73

(Pardon my slightly constipated look!)

All readers of elaine73 please quote ELAINE15 in orders to be entitled 15% off all purchases.
Kindly ensure that the code is in CAPITAL LETTERS before processing.

Readers who join ClubCouture in FaceBook enjoys newest arrivals and exclusive invites to parties organised by ClubCouture!

Elaine73's ClubCouture Promotion!
(Past Archive)


*********Edited to Add:************

I have wayyyyy too many tags but I'll try to answer the common questions.

- I use PHOTOSCAPE and FLICKR SOFTWARE to collage my pictures and make them alittle more cutesy!

- My boots are from Trussardi Japan and they cost around 300 bucks on sale. (many yrs ago already wor...!)

- Chanel is cheapest in Europe, followed by London (due to exchange rates) and they cost approx S$3.8-$4K after conversion and before tax refund IIRC.
But I dunno how much Chanel earring cost.. sorry!

- Regarding Batam, Ferry tickets and hotel room and transport come together in a package. The massage cost around $35-40 for 3 hours. (Include scrub)

- In my april 1 entry, the blue top is from Forever21.

-I use a Canon but I do think the Lumix3 produces the best pics! Except that its rather huge, so I dun like its size. If it was smaller I would buy it in a heartbeat. :)

- U can get the mandi lulur from a javanese shop in Parkway Parade, Level 1 (or 2 cant rem) (near a cobbler). City Plaza sells it too! :D

- I use liquid foundation followed by loose powder, but usually I just use a tinted sunscreen for normal days.

- My friend got her Twinklebell Iphone cover from GMask.
(Hp shop specializing in custom-made hp covers)

- Bubblegum.. hehehe I dunno how to tie french twist leh! Only noe how to make pong pong hair~

-Im turning 28 this year. :)

Polarie: I miss u too! Thank u soooo much for ur support and concern all these years.. u rock!

Evil-Lin32: Ooooh I have not forgotten u too! Thank u soo much for ur kind words and yesss! My church did well that day! We broke our 100 people record and last week we had 121!!! Praise the Lord! I am so exciteeed! :D

Chewie: Hahhaha! I brought my girlfriend to Magnolia but she say its sooooo sweet!! I agree with her but I do think they look so cuteee I will keep buying it just to look at it lor! :p

Jolene: OMG Im so sorry I missed ur comment! Coz it came with the blogskin and Im not all used to it! Thank u for tagging coz after that I went to check all my entries for comments..! LOL.
I am getting so fat u wun believe it lor, its like I look at the mirror and see a Miss Piggy.. sad sial.. ! :(

To the rest, - Thank u all girls..!
Specially to : jj, lemon, kai, huili, joce, J, Florence, missy, jenn, choca, joanne, mich, passerby .. (and many many more regular taggers u noe who u are)... I cant stop saying a BIG thank you to everyone becoz I really just wanna say that u guys are the absolute reason to why Im still here.

There's more Im sure so please dun be angry if I've not mentioned ur nick.. continue the tagging pleaseeee!
p.s Im not biased, I miss Jusme too.

I get so tired sometimes I just want to stop for good,- not becoz I hate writing, or I still wanna get freebies or even get paid (I dont.)

But just becoz I have never wanted anyone to envy me or my lifestyle.

I am who I am and I would never go out all the way to pretend to be who Im not.
At the end of the day.. I am just plain ol' me.

I like my food in hawker centres and I get excited over free samples that come with magazines so, yes.. Im just me.

I hope everyone realise that its not all important to be the richest, or have the most dresses or owes the most shoes in life.
Life is not a competition and neither is a blog a platform to tell people how great ur bf is, nor how many girly friends u have.
It is just what it is.

After writing for so long I've come to realise that people can tell how shallow or how pretentious a blogger can be.. so I try to be as real as I can be becoz I would never want anyone to think Im pathetic by trying to hoodwink the whole world that Im someone that Im not.

And then, of coz life is about working hard and playing as just hard, and if u wanna buy a bag, just go ahead.
If u wanna treat urself to a facial, just go ahead.
As long as u are happy and u can afford it, - go right ahead and do it.

Im not a show-off, just a shopoholic.

Stay happy and healthy everyone.
But most importantly, stay real.

"I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see."
- John Burroughs

How true.

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  1. How do you make your photos appear so nice? I mean the framing. Is there some cool applications you are using? can share?

    Hugs.. You look good really.

  2. Ho ho ho hellllloo dearie! How are u! haven seen u for so long? :D
    I use PHOTOSCAPE and FLICKR to collage my pics! Hths! Take care sweetssss!


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