After a day of packing shoes...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hi guys Im here for a quick post then I'm off to go bag-hunting (just browsing, not buying!) and perhaps do alittle planning on what to say to the interior designer tomorrow.
Its our 2nd meeting already and I do hope they'll have some great ideas for the new place.

Im pretty upset becos Jungle Mummy and I had dropped by this afternoon and nothing much has been done even though we have been promised keys in this month.
Guess it will take another month before the I.D could work on the place properly.

On happier things...

My darling Godson and his ed hardy bib courtesy of Godpa Jungle Boy!
The bib is soooooo fierce but u just look at the chubby bui bui little one - u will go "Awwww..."

So fat hor he.

I miss him so muchie muchie but his mummy is back to work already so she's too busy to bring him out to go kai-kai with Godma elaine.

But neh mind ~ meeting BFFs this week hopefully and coffee with some lovelies tomorrow!
Then come home and pack pack pack all my clothes and straighten out some rubbish in the room before I head back to work later this week.

Take care everyone and hope u'll be patient with me.

Some pictures that I've promised my BFF Miko.
(The one that is NOT pregnant.. LOL!)

In a mess.

-picture taken down for offensive material-

Neat rows here but I totally forgot about some lying around downstairs.

-picture taken down for offensive material-

Ok bye bye!
God bless. (me.)


Jungle Boy came home and shook his head.


I love how unique and unconventional their collections are, and if u are looking for a quirky kinda of style : The RagRiggin' People@blogspot is the place to be!

But remember to quote elaine73 for a special readers-only deal!
Their prices are reasonable and I know the owners personally so please rest assure of their quality pieces!

I personally heart these most.

Ordering is a breeze with their easy form online, and I find their clothes extremely fashion-forward... the photographs are taken professionally and this speaks volumes of the level of commitment with the shop.

The Rag Riggin' People
The Rag Riggin' People
The Rag Riggin' People

Hope u guys enjoy this little post and ok ok I try to post a skincare soon, ya!

Im still using pretty much the same things so u can alternatively check out my past archive on Skincare - CLICK HERE!

Bye all, love.

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