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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

With very little time to blog something, I just wanted to say.. BIG HAIR ROCKS!
If u're a regular here, u should noe that my favourite thing to destress is to get a proper hair wash and blowdry whenever I have some time to spare.

And to make the style last longer, here's a small post on how I do it.
Enjoy! ~

Disclaimer: Due to the lack of makeup and alien rollers - Some pics might scare u into not having lunch/dinner/supper. Proceed with caution!

First step: Pink Rollers! (Ok laaa, actually any colour will do)
U can get them easily at Sasa shops.

Self-explanatory, heehee.

Keep rolling the lock of hair up until u reach ur scalp.

If ur hair is pretty long, perhaps it is recommended that u use a pin to prevent the rollers from 'unrolling'.

After doing up the whole head - u will look like a weird creature from Mars.

Or the mahjong playing, cigarette smoking, husband beating obasan from KungFu Hustle...

I just need a stick in my mouth to finish off the look, I reckon.
(Yes.. I have no makeup on..and still in specs.. ha!)

After doing up my hair, I would take a quick shower.
Contact lens and clean skin.

Finished doing my makeup, complete with false lashes.
For my previous makeup tutorial, here's a quick link : Click Here!

After doing my face, I would spritz some hairspray and unroll my hair carefully.

The end result...

Here's a slightly closer view of the big hair.

After all that trouble I went thru for my hair, all I did was to meet my mummy for lunch and we went shopping at Metro!
Hehehee.. I bought a new mattress from TEMPUR as a present to the new place.
Keeping my fingers crossed that its as good as it promises.

My favourite Ajisen Volcano ( I always only eat the same thing...)

Okies got to run babes!
Have so many things to do, errands to run and furniture to browse.
We bought two TVs today from Courts and tomorrow we need to go look for more things for the house.

Take care everyone~
I'm sorry if Im slow in replying but I promise to sit down one day and reply all my mail.

Love y'all.
Keep me in ur prayers.

God bless.


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