Amore Milano!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Helloooooo dear all!
With Christmas coming, I betcha everyone is busy shopping for gifts, wrapping up presents, or planning parties?

Im a good girl - coz I did all my shopping way before Christmas!

Sometimes I go to places and if I see something cute, I simply buy it first and stock it up in my cupboard which I aptly name "The Christmas Cupboard".

You see, I buy stuff from all over the world and put it all into this cupboard and when Christmas comes a knocking, I whip up some wrapping paper and Im good to go!

But then again, I usually end up shopping AGAIN when Christmas comes nearer!
Its the only reason to Orchard amidst the crazy crowd.

As much as I hate ERP, the jingles in the shopping centers put me in a relative good mood.

Talking about being in a good mood... my recent Milan trip put me in a GREAT mooooood..!!
I met some fabulous people and made so many friends!

Wine was so, so cheap.
U could get sparkling asti in the supermarket for around S$6?

Dinner at a nearby restaurant.

The next day - we went shopping!

I bring my ee-yore almost everywhere!
Smells like home.

It is winter, so I wore my snuggly clothes!
And new boots! All from my Taipei trip last week - cheap & good!

Absolutely loving my $21 boots from Shilin night market! Its cheap, looks great, is comfortable and most of all its brown! I've always loved brown boots!

The top.


Our station is Wagner, and Duomo is 6 stops away.
A train ticket (one-way is 1 euro = S$1.70) so its relatively cheap for fast transportation.

We arrived on a nice, sunny day in town!

It was breath-taking to see the finally reconstructed cathedral.


My crazy hair in the wind.

Inside, the miniature city of Jerusalem.

Going into the galleria.

Walked alittle further, and to the streets of shops.

Saw a food fair.

We had fun walking, talking, looking, buying and then an accidental most expensive meal in the middle of the Galleria where the bill came up to over S$500 just for 6 plates of pasta!

It was a crazy meal, but we had fun laughing over how we kena 'carrot' by having a meal right smack in the midst of the city.
Moral of the story : When there is nobody in the restaurant, u oughta know why.

Before we knew it, it was coming to the end of the day and we all went back digest our very 'upscale' (Read: Never again) dinner.

--- DAY TWO ---

It was SNOWING...!!!

A thick blanket of white.. everywhere.


We played snowballs!

The funniest peeps in da world.

Happy and contented, we walked back in the snow.

Have a great week ahead dear all...!
Back soon, need to run to do my nails now, it broke alittle when I zipped my bag up!
Total arghhhh moment!

God bless.

This is a link to my previous post about Milan (Click here!)

Have fun everyone~

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