First Hair Cut!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wooo hoo ~ Its the second week of January and with my hair growing at breakneck speed : I had to get my first haircut of the year before CNY madness sets in!

Tied my hair in a loose ponytail before setting off.

The weather was alittle crazy today, with dark clouds looming above my head - then the expected downpour but out of the blue, the skies cleared up and it was sunny once more!

I chose to wear a cheery top!
It was a surprise 'present' from the lovely owners of Le'Jetaime!(Click here!)

U can see my previous post on Le'Jetaime here.

I am a lazy person, I prefer easy-to-wear clothes.

Like this.. I can throw on some old shorts and walk out in flip flops but still looking presentable!
Im not really a t-shirt kinda girl, although I do love my vintage junk food tees! But I reckon they only look really nice on super skinny girls.

Another picture (sorry to scare u guys....again!) before I leave for the salon.

A necklace that I bought in the night bazaar in Taipei.
Its actually a bird in a cage..! Cuteeee max.

Alien alert!

I cut it shorter, dyed it alittle and my stylist will always tong the ends for me before I go off.
Back home.

Its so much shorter! (Okieee.. Im exaggerating..)
But I likeeeee... :p

The side-view.
My hair colour is brownish with a tinge of red under the sunlight.

With flash.
My blusher is orangey coz I became so tanned during my maldives trip - pink doesnt show on my skin well!
But I still LOVEEEE using a pink lip with dark falsies & colour contacts.

Foundation: Revlon ColourStay
Powder: ZA in #32
Blusher: Candy Doll in Orange
Lipstick: Candy Doll in Pink
Lip Gloss: NARS in MoonFleet

Colour Contacts: FreshLook in Green

Had some time to spare, so I took a kiamp kiamp (aka hair clip) and kiamp-ed 1/3 of my hair up.
This is a different look with curls.

Its easy and great when the weather is burning!

U must make sure there is a little 'volume' at the top so it looks cuter (I think! Hee!) and not so flat.
I chose a small bow kiamp, coz its pretty popular now to put little bows in hair.
(Despite being nearly 30 soon, I still act cute everyday! *puke max*)

I hope u enjoyed my little hair & makeup post, but maybe one day I shall do a more detailed one with proper curling techniques with a tong.

Bye dearest all!
Take care, have a greeeeat weekend~


I hope u all dun get nightmares from my hugeee pictures!
Had recently decided to enlarge it alittle but I didnt expect it to be so big!
Sorry! Will make it smaller in future.. hehehe!

-Special Thanks once again to dearest LE'JETAIME!-

Le'Jetaime is launching their new collection NOW!
So be the first to take a look at their first totally LUXE apparel in this collection - the Classic Coco dress!

This unique dress is manufactured in excellent quality fabric and can be worn in 3 ways.
Wow! I wanna take a look at it now too!

But before I go, do remember that all readers here can simply quote 'ELAINE73' for FREE NORMAL POSTAGE!
Perfect for CNY shopping!
Coz I hate crowds...!


Bye dear all!
Happy shopping~

(TRYING!) To Reply All Tags!

Helen: Thank U for ur support! This is not the best or most interesting place, but I am trying my very best. Hope u like it. :)

Anon: LOL! Yesss I put on weight after my consecutive holidays! :p But seriously, I have always been this size - Esp when the latest pictures are from a DSLR, so u see more 'clearly' how I look like! :p Kekeke!

Maine: Its called the W Resort. :)

jj: Ooooh I miss korea already! Did u go snowboarding! U should! They have the most lovely snow hills in Asia. ;)
Happy shopping too! Love Etude House, they are sooo cute!

Steph: Hope u like my new post! *Fingers crossed* for a more detailed one!

Dido: Hello back! :D

esta: Thank u! Hope u are happy with ur purchases! ;)

ping dear: Happy new year to u too sweetie!!! xoxo

Jo: Ha! technically its not really 'our' place, coz we will be staying with his parents after marriage.. so yeah.. :) Maybe just our room? :p

rach: N u never say hi!!! :( Hahahha that day on pedder got sale u noe! did u buy anything?? hehehe!

More tags soon!

-Continued.. -

huili: Yeah! I was so geeky please...! :p Went to run errands.. hehe u?

Anon: U saw me? LOL, why never say hi! :p Hope u enjoyed ur male as much as we did! Its really a niceee place hor! :D

joey: Thank u dear!!!

june: wow u are good! u can tell its W from one pic! Must be stayed there before rite??? :p

missy: thank u dearie! so sweet of u! :D

ping: Thanks once again love! :)

jo: its the W resort in maldives! Hehehe i so kns hor, act mysterious. :p

Constance: Thank u sweets!!!

kai: u are such a sweetheart...!!!! Really thank u for ur support all these years... my god.. its been so long hor!!! xie xie xie xie ni!!!

Reader since 2000: Hello! Aiyo im not offended! I really dun mind heheh! :)
I did get my eyelids done in 2005, by Dr Wong in Gleneagles. He is good!
He also decided to do a higher cease, becoz I already have double eyelids to begin with.
So individual case by case basis during consultation.

My eyes are done by the sitching method, the most traditional method where the effects are most permanent - by also u need more downtime.
Sitches have to be removed after abt a week, and u cant wear makeup for at least a month.
U will look like u have been crying for along time, but other than that, relatively minimal pain.

They have more advanced methods now, like laser etc and the outcome is more natural.
My eyelid cease look very deep n there is slight scarring.
But I wun say I regret the procedure, coz its been quite long and at that time it was a very impulsive decision.
(I did it within a week of making the decision.)

If I could turn back time, maybe I would have gone for the newer methods like laser, where there is lesser downtime and a more natural effect.
But I cant turn back time, so I have learnt to live with my decision. Hehe.
Hope this helps!!!

yasmi: Hmmm Im quite a bad packer coz Im a lazy packer! LOL! Maybe I should try to do one coz I have a long trip coming up! :p

sourmilk: Oopppps! Im so sorry!!! :( So late to reply u... but help u save money for yr NEXT usa trip ok??? Hahahhaha!
US must-buys are coach, kate spade, victoria secrets, bath&bodyworks, etc.. but my fav fav is FOREVER21 (CHEAPPPP!) JUICY COUTURE & H&M...!!!! Aiyo buy so many clothes n not very expensive becoz it looks like zara or mango but cheaper!!! :D

curiousgirl: Yessss! Mimi cai! :) U noe her??

Long term reader: Oh ahhahahaha! I forgot to continue rite!!! :p I really kns.. coz I became more pre-occupied with my own posts then the 'love' stoli..! :p

yradmirer: Hahahaha! No la, still will fly for awhile, but maybe quit for other reasons? :) Like, want to 'hao hao zuo ren' u noe.. ! Kekekek! :p

QQ: I use Photoscape! :D

rosaline: Thank u for ur support!! U can link me, no probs.

joey: OMG I think u drunk lor! Kekekek Im not slim.. its the heels n the alcohol u drank..!! :D

jace: Ure welcome dear!!!

fatso: Im not slim my dear! its the camera angle. But my job requires hard labour work, so maybe thats why I manage to not put on so much weight. But I really dun bother about extreme dieting, I just try to eat lesser carbo and not so much suppers when I feel that my jeans are getting tighter. (Maybe thats also why I hate to wear jeans!!! )
please dun go to the slimming centres, they dun work in the long run. U are really better off seeing a GP for healthy weight loss management. Raffles hospital has one esp for weight loss. :)

Nemo: :) R u nearby too?

Ling: My hair is tonged!!! :):)

Liveralla: Kekeke yesh u are right!!! :D

itz_moiz: I replied u in email rite?? :)

emma: Hope u like the new post!

Liting: I have no problems sleeping in Hotels becoz I say a little prayer before I use the room. Helps me settle in fast. :D

Reader for a long time: Thank u dear! I dun think I write particulary well, I just try not to use too much singlish. thats all! But I do like to read, a habit cultivated since young - the days before ipads and PSPs invaded our youth these days! :p

Nov sweet: On a general rule, we get about 1 day or 2 days depending on the flight time and operating pattern. If u want to know more, feel free to email me. U can find my email in the tag box below! :)

Traveller: Hi dear! did u get in? Update me! :)

reine: Yes i rem u!!! Thank u for ur support all these years.. i really appreciate it! Its really you guys that keep me going on days that I dun wanna write. :)

Miss Low too: LOL!!! No.. I've seen her since school days although we didnt come from the same school.. we had mutual frends. :)

piepie: LOL! Opppzzz! :p

Ah Huat Girl: WHERE DID U GO???? :(

kelly: ooopxxxx! i never continue the story horrrrr.. u all dun scold me!

polarie: Thanksss again girl!!!

Traveller: I make a long trip once a month on average. The rest are 2-3 day trips. And I do turns (1 day trips) about 2-3 times a month too.

Ah huat girl: How r u??? See u here soon? :)

Yiling: yes we do! Infact im seeing them later at chianz's wedding!!! excited!!!
I have never thought about life without LBT.. coz I try to take things one step at the time.. but before him, I got no suitors leh!!!! So sad!!! :(

starz: Thank u! :D

I.tulips: Thank u dear!!!

curious: LOL! Its a japanese brand, I will try to post it soon! hehehe.

rachel: thank u my dear!!!!

evil-lin: u have been the sweetest tagger for the longest time!!! xxoxoxxo muacksss! and thank u!!

ping: thanks for ur wonderful tags i love reading urs all the time!

galgal: I noe!!! i miss it too!!! :(:(

AHG: I want to go HAWAII for honeymoon u noe!!!!!! It looks soooo nice.. with the palm trees.. beaches n all.. omg envy max!

kpo: LOL! google LBT?? ahhahaha i think he more famous than me last time!! (thats what he always tells me.... ) hahhhahah!

tiffi: I dun!!! its called makeup! :p But I like using bobbi brown shimmer brick. Or Gurlain shimmer pearls. it helpss!!!! ;D

kelly: :) if i tell u, i will have to kill u.

dewdrops: thank u!!! yeshhhhh i love tory burch!!!! their shoes are great! but buy online or from the US please.. its so much cheaper!

AHG: Little brown thing!!! LOL! U should tell him Little BoLiao Thing also!!!! :p

Kitty: LOL. Thank u for supporting him! But u should ask him urself..! :p

meimei: Thank u my dear!!!

yixuan: Congrats to u too dear!!! when is ur date!

gayle: i use 'Love Ya Like A Sister' in picnik.

wan: thank u dear!!! my english is half-past six but my mandarin is worseeeee!!! So yeah.. ahhahah!

keira: its from Forever21 darling!! thank u!!

melody: Its ok! not so nice, but just for ambiance and experience, can la. :p

kitty: LOL! Maybe when we get married then I post!!! he not handsome, i scare will give u all nightmares only.. shhhhh dun tell him!!!!!

nat:Opppppssss! hahhaha I forgot to post part 2 for sooo long!!!!! :p

Tammy: he not handsome de... although he always say he look like andy lau.. the sell bak chor mee one in bedok.. keke!!!!!

AHG: Hahahhaha oppppsss my part 2 haven write yet!!!!

kaori: I haven check out any BS yet!!!! stresssss! :(

miffygirl: I wear big lens from time to time, but mostly normal colour ones usually. I buy my lashes from everywhere!! taipei, US, japan etc :p

michelle: its not!!!! Its quite dry but i have very thick hair, so maybe it looks stronger. :p

AHG: Im sure ur ah lao is very generous to u now!!! My ah lao is very stingy too, but luckily he quite nice to me or not...!!! I will knock his head!!!!

kelly: I have a proposal video but i intend to post it on the day of my wedding!!!! :p (maybe...)

liting: Its makeup!!! my skin is not so nice, just that i naturally have combi skin, with little pimples. thats all!!! :)

AHG: I would love a beach wedding!!! but cannot la, singaporeans very allergic to heat, i just want everyone to be comfortable.

auntie lucy: i likeee ur name! LOL! no we dun keep in touch often, just an occasional email.

NTUC: Yes.. I try to live life as it is, so even if I have to 'go' one day I will have no regrets.

jane: Thank u n God bless u too. have a great year!

tiffi: Hahhhahah no ok! he dun have felali la pls lor!! toy one have la.... :p

kelly: hahahha u very cuteee!!!!

evil-lin: wat book u read??? tell me!! i like to read book de!!! :D
*edited* Ahhhh EPL ah!!!! ya the movie is quite niceeee i think the book better!!!!!!

ari: wahahhaha ya from AE!!! n the hello kitty mascara.. til i cant bear to use.. !!!

AHG: Hahhahaha u write book sure very interesting de!!! Then u can get Mark lee to direct ur book into a film... no need to read to ur grandkids coz they sure can watch it on their Ipad10 by then.. kekekke!

Florence: thank u for ur lovely support my dear!!!

PL: dun envy me la! im a normal girl who likes makeup like any girl here!!! oh n shopping!!! n HELLO KITTY!!!!!! MY FAVOURITEEEE!!!!

zzzzz: HAHHAHAHAH u very funny!!!!! u stay near me wor!!!!!! can say hi?? i wun run away dun worry!!!! later i start talking i think u will run away!!!
N haiya no question irks me la, only sometimes i got no time to answer coz blog already no time le, wat more answer.. but i try my best la!
ppl take time to tag, i must reply mah! no matter wat question, but just dun ask me my bra size la..coz its so obvious Im a A-cup waaaat!!!!!

sunflower: i bought my tory burch in Saks etc from US! or like bergdof goodman.
n u must buy one size up, coz their shoes run abit smaller.
if u wear 7, then buy 8. like tat better! more comfortable.

mocha_lover: I have no preference, but i like reading fiction love stories hehehe, or true investigation books on murders or homicides!!! very interesting!!!! :D

li mei: whahahaha u very cuteeee!!!!!!! i love ur 'pls tell him tonight' quote!!!! :p
eh if i tell him that i noe wat he will say to me... "i already noe that!"
ahhahhaa super (-__-)''' max can.


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