My Birthday Holiday

Monday, January 10, 2011

Is it 2011 already?? Can someone stop time for alittle while??

Im sorry I went missing, coz on the second day of the new year - we flew up to Taipei for some chilly weather!
It was his birthday, but I put my foot down coz there will be no more (maybe) resort holidays until the wedding!
I get tanned really easily, and Im still super dark from my Maldives birthday trip LAST YEAR!

Talking about Maldives... it was heaven on earth!

-28 Nov 2010-

We woke up from Sheraton (a transit hotel for the night due to a late night arrival from Singapore)) to go to the Maldivian seaplane jetty.

I am bleary-eyed and sleepy!

Tickets issued.

Overlooking a seaplane.

Huge W sign... stands for my surname too!

Bye jetty! See u in a bit!

In the seaplane.

From above.

Finally.. after 20 mins and some suffocation from the dwindling air vents in the seaplane..
we've arrived!!!

Walking to our rooms looking at the amazing view.

We woke up to this every day.. it was so beautiful!

Our private pool, with sundeck and direct access to the clear waters below.

We can literally see schools of fish swimming below!
I like this greeny greeny one!

I can never resist jumping into the water.. can u?

After playing in (baby) pool, I decided to take a deep breath and do the real thing!

The corals were breath-taking under water.

We spent a good hour holding hands under water, exploring the deep sea.
Looking at the many fishes and beautiful corals made me realised how very very magnificent mother nature is. Its so damn awesome looking at her work of art.

We ended the evening with a walk along the beach, and drinks on a veranda.

What a perfect sunset.

Thank you everyone for the support here all these years!

I wish for a better, healthy 2011 and I am eternally thankful for everything so far.
But this year will be a greater challenge for me personally, with work, writing, and the wedding in about 9 months time!

Looking forward to my favourite festive CNY and then maybe I will start my planning proper.
Still in an amazing holiday mood, and Taipei was no help either!

Take care dear all, have a great beginning of the week!
Back soon.



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