A Date with Emily of Emerald Hill

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hello everyone!
I hope everyone is well and enjoying the week so far!

Last week I had a date.

Jungle Boy had very kindly bought tickets to Emily of Emerald Hill because I am intrigued by the nature of the story, a matriarch of a Peranankan family set in the 1930s-1950s.

The story spins around an orphaned girl called Emily - powerfully played by cross-dressing actor Ivan Heng.
Emily rises above her painful childhood to become head of a rich Straits Chinese family that she was married into at the age of 14.
As much as the storyline was interesting, I really wanted to watch the show becoz I loved all the costumes worn by Emily.

Pink, blue, green were staple kebaya pieces, while glittering brooches shone even from afar, seen amazingly clear from my circle seats.

There is nothing more I love than a diva in pink.

The dinner before the show.

Pocket full of posies.

Waiting to be seated.

Special thanks to CLOSETMATTERZ (Click here!) for their wonderful Chiffon Layerette Dress in Nude Beige!

It exudes a touch of class with its light chiffon layers, and I found myself being a tad more ladylike than normal.

If u look closely, I wore my beautiful pearl bracelet from CasaDiAccessori.blogspot.com!
It was a perfect match to my dress!

A rather Alice-in-Wonderland Deco.

Looking through the menu.


Our Peking Duck.

Perfectly wrapped.

Busy wassap-ping.

A little medium rare.

Emily, the star of Emerald Hill.

Way up.

Take a seat, will you?

The great theater.

Pure white set-up.

It was a provoking performance, hauntingly portrayed with a whirlwind of emotions.
And at the end of the day, we went back to something we knew best.

Street hawker food - all glorious and out on display.

I love life the way as it loves me.

A piece of culture I would never forsake.

I hope u enjoyed the evening with me.
Take care all, drink lotsa water.

Will be back soon.


Thank you dear CLOSETMATTERZ once again - the dress was an absolute dream to wear.

ClosetMatterz.blogspot.com are a group of girls who love shopping as much as I do n you can find clothes suitable for every single occasion there!
From saccharine sweet dresses to the understated yet casual basic clothes, you will definitely find the perfect piece to add to your closet!

Their first collection includes a basic top with unique drapes that gives that instant chic look to an oversized cardigan with interesting pleats design which is perfect for school or a casual day out.
Not forgetting their favorite piece in their second collection – a flowy chiffon halter dress which allows you to wow the party!

Start dressing up today to look beautiful!


All readers can simply quote 'ELAINE73' for an exclusive discount of 10% off all collections until the end of March!
Do hurry, these beautiful pieces are extremely hot-selling!

Off to work tomorrow!
Come weekend, and I'll be busy as a bee!
God bless.
Catch ya all soon.


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