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Friday, May 06, 2011

Hello everyone!
Today is 'Cooling Off Day' and hopefully everyone has decided who to vote on!

I will be away, sadly... but thankfully back in time for Mothers Day!
We will be ta bao-ing and having dinner at home becoz we decided against going out and being in a crowded restaurant.
And of coz, at home can watch TV.. yay!

Its amazing how fast May is here already, and also before I do an actual makeup & hair tutorial - I thought I would post this mini makeup post on my trusty lil helper - Hope Girl!

From the same people who brought Rey-Bitten Masks : (see previous post HERE)
Hope Girl is a revolutionary new product direct from Korea to our sunny shores!

I decided to tie my hair up for a clearer picture of my face, and also becoz the weather is very hot!
My makeup was melting before I know it, so tying up my thick hair was the easiest and a refreshing change for a start.

I bought a lovely hair band from H&M to match my white dress! (Also from H&M)
I loveee wearing white, cream or brown tones... it reminds me of the sun, the sand and beach holidays.

I dun normally use eyeshadow - but when I do I tend to use neutral colours like browm and whites coz I am very tanned.

I like drawing my undereyes to 'finish' off the smoky look.

Simply draw a brown eyeliner on both top and bottom eyelids.
Follow by using a medium to dark brown eyeshadow after for a dark & mysterious look.

But what happens if u smudge ur eyes?

Smudges happens all the time!
Panda-eye me!

Hope Girl to the rescue!

Use the pen in ONE DIRECTION to clean off any smudged makeup.

I start from the inner-corner and roll it in one direction.
Hope Girl is from originally from Korea and is the latest secret Korean girls use to remove makeup on the delicate eye area!

Hope Girl - Magic Undereye Cleaner cleans off any smudges without the need to re-do ur makeup!
And it moisturises ur undereye delicate skin at the same time!

With Hope Girl.. its SMUDGE NO MORE!

Its great for quick touch-ups for girls who easily smudge their eye makeup.
This is convenient, small and easy to use - not only that : it smells great!
Made of grape seed oil, almond seed oil and shea butter, Hope Girl prevents premature sagging & wrinkles on the delicate eye area.

What a great invention!

Hope Girl products are available at ANOIV , BHG Bugis, BHG Clementi & SYY Clinic (#07-01 Liat Tower)!
Join them in FACEBOOK-ANOIV now for Free Gifts & Samples, Invitations to Private Sales & Launches!

"LIKE" for ur favourite blogger on Anoiv Facebook page and stand a chance to be one of the three lucky voters to get a free eyeshadow gift worth $50/-!!!
Its just that easy! Vote now at FACEBOOK-ANOIV!

Back soon!
Have a great weekend, girls!

All pictures here have not been photoshopped or colour-edited in anyway.

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