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Friday, July 15, 2011

Yesterday was a crazy day.

Firstly, me & Ong (aka the BFF thats taking pre-wedding pictures with me) has an appointment at Bridal Closet to confirm our gowns and do measurements for alterations.

Then Wen Mummy (aka BFF Hairstylist cum Godson's Mummy) wants to TAG ALONG.

Lastly, Lover (aka my long-time secondary school part-time-lover-cum-crazy-bestie-friend) is around the vicinity thus she WANTS TO HAVE LUNCH.

So what does the busy bride-to-be does?
Meet all of them together, loooor!

Loveeee my hair!
Color and cut courtesy of Wen.

But first... KOI more important!

While waiting for our bubbletea...

Lunch at Ashtons!
My new Hello Kitty Iphone cover from Hongkong!

I love the idea of no-frills food at Ashtons!
I mean, u can have steak for under $12 and then chicken chop costs like, $6.90?
With a choice of any 2 sides?? Love it!

Great food at pocket-friendly prices!

Then the crazy-ness begins....

Weekdays are quiet, so we go mad in the store and nobody really cares!

I brought my jie-mei's dress for them to take a look & try it on!
Its a nice shade of blue which I really love.. and I think it looks cute when all of them wear the same thing!
(But its a convertible dress, so one dress - different styles.)

My evening gown for Pre-wedding photoshoot.


Ong trying to look innocent.

I try my hand at looking innocent, too.

Wen doesnt like the colour.. but I dun care!

And I dun care what ppl say.. hahaha!

Choosing accessories.

I changed out of my gowns and we cam-whored like mad in the shop.



so.. !

My dress is USD$10 from H&M!
My current favourite colours are Nude and Black! Its sooooo pretty!
(The dress I mean, keke.)

We had nothing to do.

Then Lover went off to see dearest Sherry new bb - Emily, while we went Vivo coz Wen needed to get something for the wedding!

Dinner at Aoba.

Haha, even if Wen is busy - we just continue to take pictures!

Spicy Miso.

Suddenly after dinner.. we saw something.. huge.. n PINK!

Vans Hello kitty edition!

Its soooo crazily cute I cant breathe!

And they have kids size onesss!!
OMG - cutenesss OVERLOAD.

Very funny coz I force her to pose - WITHOUT ONE SHOE!

And when I tried on HER shoe....

Hello Kitty is the CUTEST!!!!
I loveeeeee Hello Kitty to death... !!!

Back soon!
Enjoy ur weekend babes.



Yllas: Thank u dear! hehehe!

xuan81: Oooooh u going overseas? keke! I prefer a HARD luggage, although Im using a soft one by Rimowa. I recommend Rimowa although they are alittle expensive (wasnt that way when I bought it 4 yrs ago!) or Samsonite (durable). Logel does great designs too, n they have one in pink which I love! They are more reasonably priced n u can get them at major dept stores! HTHs!

Florence: Thanks dear! I will try to change my blogskin from time to time.. keke.
Ya! World soooo small.. I knew her since so long ago n she never change lor!!!!! same til now. crazy woman :p

Fan: Hahah! Got disappoint u? LBT always say he look like Andy Lau... the sell bak chor mee one at Blk 85. :p

hellokitty: Wahahhahah I will not put flower over LBT face!!! I put ANDY LAU picture.. LOL!!!!
No la, maybe put sideview or wat lor.. or maybe dun even put his pic!!! WAHAHAHAHAH evil.

polarie: Thank u sweets!!! Im actually v v touched by all ur support lor.. since soooo long ago until now.. u guys have grown so much with me. :D

hiya: My favourite stations are EUROPE!!!! Coz I get to shop and I love their museums n buildings!!! N coffee!!! and cake!!!
Or NYC, coz my family cousins etc are all there. :)
Japan also very nice!!! Shop like mad and eat like crazy. I also like HK & Taiwan!!! Buy n buy! My god can go siao there... :p
But most of all, I love my singapore (dun laugh) coz my family n loved ones are all here - so there is no place like home. :)
Seriously. heheh.

ss: OMG really!!! Have I flown with u before?? Hehehe ya now must get used to being on ground... not easy.. but I will try!!! gambatte to us!!!

elaine reader: I finally decided to do it coz I wanted sometime to relax and prepare for wedding.
N yes u are right! To prepare for bb too!!! keke!!! :p
Thanks for ur wishes!!!! n ur support!!


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  1. I've always been the silent reader of your blog and LBT's (in the past). Surreal to know both my favourite bloggers are getting hitched. You look stunning in the gowns! Congratulations Elaine! =)

  2. Thanks dear Cia!
    I've never really thot of him as LBT.. He's just plain ol' JungleBoy to me thou.. Hee!
    But yes.. I think many ppl still cannot believe that we got together? But trust me, us getting together had totally nothing to do with blogging!
    Life's funny sometimes.
    Stay pretty n blessed!

    P.s did u change yr blog add? I rem I used to link u up then u stopped writing for awhile right? :(

  3. I'm looking forward to read your love story dear! Hope you'll share it with your blog readers.

    I'm now blogging at triste-77.tumblr.com

    Have fun preparing for the wedding, I look forward to see your gorgeous photos! =)


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