Italian feast and a Burger.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hello peeps!
Here's a really backdated post.. like from forever.

Sometimes I have lunch with Jungle Boy and since he works in CBD, we try to do a quick one around the area.

That afternoon, we had lunch reservations in Forlino.
Love the view!

I love the food there.
Its not overwhelming, yet very tasty.

And the food presentation!
Absolutely wonderful, it just whets the appetite.

Dunno after how many countless courses.. I was sooo stuffed!

Our 'quick' lunch turned into a pretty leisurely one!

I heart their DESSERTS!
It was soooo good.. I forced everything down coz he doesnt take sweets.

And then I had to rush down to meet my girlies coz my lunch ended up taking such a long time.
Hee! Sorry for being late!

One had to go back to work, so the other & I went opposite to shop!
It was sooo crowded, despite being a weekday.

I have an innate craving for bubbletea.
Its like, I cant help myself! I have to drink it everytime Im out!

We walked n walked... I tell u its no joke in the crazy weather.
My legs ached for 2 days after!
(And I was wearing slippers.)

We decided to have MOS BURGER!
Must budget.. coz I going jobless soon. (then!)

Dun ask me why her face liddat.
Must be something we said to irritate her, la!

Miss-Perfection says we must open all the ketchup before we start eating.

Their new Wagyu Burger is not bad leh!


Miss-Perfection was giving us a running commentary on her burger.
Which we DUN need to know coz it was exactly the SAME thing that all of us had.

So we simply ignored her and took pictures!

And lastly.. to sum up the day..

Special Thanks to LoveMi Shop!

Ok bye everyoneeee!
Im soooo proud of myself, today I did so many things - run so many errands and finally signed up to be a member of my nearby community centre (CC)!

Love how retro it felt, yoga classes are around $55 for 10 sessions, and then there are cooking classes, language classes, flower arrangement ones.. etc.

Sooooo much cheaper than my gym membership!
And more variety, too!

And best part, I walked pass the KTV room and heard retired folks singing old hokkien songs..!
I absolutely LOVE the nostalgic feel of CCs.

Its like time stood still.


"Stay true to urself - You'll love urself so much more."
Back soon!



mochaccinoland: Ooooh u are such a shopping queen! I loveee the Heart Cutoff Leggings.. its sooo cute.. but if I lived in HK, I would have so much more chance to wear leggings! (In S'pore they tend to look at u funny when u wear cutesy leggings)

Teh Lai ba Lai ba: Thank u dear! I will try to take a pic when Joie works her magic but Im not sure if she is comfortable with me posting it up here! Hehehe but she is a really sweet girl, infact we just went for lunch today.
N talked for so long... My god - we are both so 38!
N we have common friends so its like, we can talk forever! She holds classes sometimes, so if u are interested u can follow her blog, ya! :)

Florence: YES! She's Wendy.. my sec schmate... :)
Thank u dear, my WG is really simple coz my EGs (all for pre-wed PS) are so complicated, I thot of using something simple for the WG instead.
Enjoy ur Japan trip sweets! :D

Fan: My budget?
As little as possible! But obviously its not working... :p

sunflower: Thank u for ur support dear! I hope to write for as long as I can!
N as long as ppl bother to read.. :)

aris: Congrats dear! I will show my gown on my wedding day! Ur bridal studio is great too! They are known for couture statement pieces, too so I hope u enjoy ur gown-picking process!
I noe u will be a lovely bride!!!!!!:)

Regina: U were a lovely bride! Thank u for ur support!
I was so worried abt my family n frends comments coz I really dun wanna offend or disappoint anyone.. but then I realise ppl who love me will be 100% behind me.
N thankfully, they are! N also very excited at the element of surprise on my AD.
:D *fingers crossed!*

ping: Yes I've recovered! N talking way tooo much :p
Im excited abt my pre-wed pics too! Not so much abt the pics but more on the TRIP!! hahhahaha!

Jo: Bridal Closet is along Katong. I like it coz its very fuss-free, and their packages are very reasonable. They are not pushy at all! U can email me personally. I will let u noe more. :)

B: Miss u my darling!!!! I will call u soon ok love! My fren wants to go ur office!!! Hahahha for shopping!!!! :D

wind: YES!!!! Its me!!! Went shopping n coffee with some close friends that day!!!! :D Why neber call me!!

Spec: Yes sweets! Its a stick concealor. I use it before AND after foundation. (more coverage) and I use my fingers to blend. It is not drying and its my ultimate FAV concealor after so many yrs althou I do use MAC concealor from time to time.

silver: Hahaha then u can blog abt ur HCM trip soon also ok!!! Take care n have fun dearie!!!

lui: My fav pressed powder is ZA. Its sooooo good lor! N cheap too! Although I also use MAC mineral powder occasionally too. :D

Piglet: Yes! Email me for more details babe! I will let u know the choices for bridesmaids dresses! :)
I have afew recommendations.

catalyst81: Thank u for ur support sweetheart! Yes.. u wouldnt believe how hard I pondered over it. But after sending in my resignation letter, it was a relief and I try not to have any regrets coz I dun think I should be upset since I have already made my decision. :D
It was like, taking a leap in faith and putting my heart 100% into my family (old & new! ha!).

yixuan: Yes I agree with u!!!! *hugz*

hellokitty: It was more of being around finally and taking care of my body to make (future) babies!
And also becoz I've been flying for so long (7 and a half yrs!) it was DEFINITELY time to stop and smell the roses.
Im taking a 100% paycut so Im trying to make changes on my lifestyle & spending etc shopping. *LOL*
It will not be easy but I do have some savings, and maybe I will get another job? :)
But now Im concentrating on preparing for the wedding and spending time in church.
Wish me luck!

God bless.
Thanks for staying!

Back soon!

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