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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hi guys!
Hows the week coming along?

Im been busy busy these days and then tomorrow is laundry day.. Dread!
I have a ton of clothes to wash and on top of it I have to go wash toilet.
Sigh... not so 'jobless' huh!

Early this week, I met Jungle Boy for lunch at Prive.
I loveeee looking out at the beautiful yachts parked at the marina.
They look so surreal, like Im looking at a painting.

Lunch sets cost $35 so it was pretty reasonable for decent food & exceptional service.
The view was splendid, esp when we chose to bring our desserts outside and enjoy the panorama from a bird's eye view.

Special Thanks to!
I really love this dress...!!!
The quality was excellent and my girlfriend said I looked extremely 'refined' that day!

Here's what we had that day.

The bread was exceptionally yummy!
It was soft and very hot... the butter melted instantly... slurpppp!

I had the delish pea soup!

He had scallops.

My duck confit!

Beef sirloin.

Very happy girl, haha!

Coz u noe why....
Dessert time!!!

Creme brulee!
My favourite!

It was a nice unhurried lunch.. with a great view to boot.

Back soon.
Take care, have a blessed week ahead!


Thank You dearest Amelie-Anne once again for the perfect lunch dress at Prive!

All readers can simply quote ELAINE73 for a 5% off all collections and if u like them on Facebook here, you get a $2 e-voucher!

Just as simple as that!
(Disclaimer: Only 1 promo per transaction, please.)


I really loved this self-manufactured dress! All the colours look great too!
Grab it before it gets sold out...
Limited stocks now!

Bye everyone!

elaine reader: hello dear! I dun really use BB cream at the moment coz I have ard 3 foundations which I rotate and Im trying (very!) hard to finish them before I buy anything new!
But Laura Mercier has always been one of my fav brands, esp with their loose powder although Im using the Anna Sui shimmery one at the moment.
And yes! NARS blushes are oh-so-lovely hor!! Love them til death!

Sp: Oooops.. I wear Victoria Secrets at the moment, but I prefer those 3 way ones where u can use a bra either strapless, halter or normal.

Elyn: Hi sweets!!! How r u? keke.. omg.. seriously..?? Hahhaha I swear I dunno why ppl really want to hear our story.. hahaha! I will get round to it.. but sometimes I really paiseh leh!
Coz its very very simple. Nothing dramatic or out of the ordinary.. :p

Lin: Thanks my dear!!! How r u?? Busy??? :P

xuan81: Yes red is a nice color n u can see it from afar on the belt! Hahahaha but rem to buy a TSA approved lock, just incase u go to USA. Coz they either need u to unlock (if it is not tsa-approved) or get a external TSA lock.. quite troublesome lor. :)

catalyst81: OMG ur eyes....!!!! R so sharp!!! But haha, no la.. shy. :)

Visitor: Welcome dear! Hope u enjoy ur stay here! P.S I loveeeee Hello Kitty til death lor its so cute n pink (well, not exactly but u get my drift) and perfecttttt! Rite.. ahahhaha! :p

xue: Hi xue! Email me? Hehehe! I will reply u from there.

Jolene: Happy bday to ur lao gong! LOL! I loveee the food at Forlino!!! Great!!! But the price oso great hor.. :p

Fan: Hahahahah erm...I try la.. but this is my blog leh! I dunwan to keep talking abt him leh!!!!! Later ppl wan to puke how! so rou ma... kekeke!

elaine reader: hahahha yes! we are all MEI MEI girl okieee ! everybody mei mei~~~ :D
I dun go Italy often, my routes are USA... LOL.
But my fav is Paris.. omg..dun get me started.. boohoo~~

Rara: Hello! I am using REDKEN Glass1 at the moment! Not bad la... but I bot it in US, so abit cheaper. Think here more expensive. :(

evil-lin: CONGRATSSSSSS SWEETS!!! When is ur big day??? Excited for u! Must update me kkkkk!
Ya lor abit sad to leave but wat to do.. :( have to move on to the next stage.. :)

Florence: yes!!! Going next week for photoshoot! pray for good weather n everything smooth smooth k wahhahaha thanks sweets :p
And heehehe I also love my hello kitty layout... kekkekek coz its hello kitty!!!! :P

Ok bye everyone!!!
Tired max!
Long day tomorrow.. :)

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