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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hi everyone!
Is it Sunday already??

Weekend's coming to an end soon, but hang in there everyone!
It'll come round again before u know it!
We're on a holiday now so hopefully I have some time to write before I go for my pre-wedding photoshoot next week!

Exciting.. not becoz of the photoshooting - but becoz I wanna go Malacca to shop and eat eat eat ~ !!!
Oh my.. Im such a gluttony bride-to-be!

Recently I met up with my good friends : George from Creme and Joie from JoieLeong!

Congrats to dearest Joie who won the Cozycot Beauty Professional Award!
Its such a small world.. can u believe she's the younger sister of Jungle Boy's secondary schoolmate and she used to go Jungle Boy house all the time when she was in primary school??

OMFG .. we were laughing all the way when we realised that!
Fate has funny ways, doesnt it?

Here's what I wore that day.

Special love and thanks to ClosetMatterz for their newest launch : My First Love Cape Dress!

I was absolutely thrilled becoz this exclusive piece is sooooo new, they are not for sale YET!
Inspired by BCBG/Topshop - this dress hugs my curves and comes with a petticoat and belt!

They come in a array of colours and here's a sneak preview!

I chose blue coz I love how electric it looks!

Tied my hair coz so hot, ya!

The colour in real-life, under the sun.

And indoors.
Love the unique cape!

Thanks for dropping by, guys!
Off to go sight-seeing and back on tomorrow.

Hopefully I get some internet again and check in soon to reply tags!
Love y'all.

Stay blessed.

Thanks again to ClosetMatterz for my lovely dress!
The material is so soft yet durable, and comes with inner petticoat that protects your modesty without feeling hot in the local weather!
The belt complements the dress perfectly and you can always use it on another outfit for another occasion!

Join them in Facebook to get free shipping but be quick!
My First Love Cape Dress will only launch this Wednesday, 27 July so mark the date & be the first to wear it!


Ok goodbyeeeee dear all!!!!

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