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Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello everyone!
Sorry for not replying tags and emails... been busy over the weekend! 
But emails have been replied, so for those who dropped me an email - do check ur inboxes! :)

Last week we had some family time together.

Been wanting to try the local branch ever since our trip to KL!

They are famous for their Char Siew! Yummy!

And we tried their half steamed, half fried Soon Hock.
Quite interesting!

I also loveee their Salted Fish & Pork in Claypot!
Wahhhhh u put rice with the sauce ... Shiooook to the max.

After dinner, we took a stroll along Fullerton Bay.

We wanted to go Oyster Bar at Customs House but they were having a private function.

Love the VIEW!

So we adjourned to Fullerton Bay Hotel.

Love the PLACE! 
So pretty.. and kinda whimsical.
The tiles, the furniture and the flower arrangements are so grand. But not ur usual 6-star hotel style ..  
The colours are all over the place but it complements each other so well.
The view from Lantern.

Rooftop Lounge.

My poison .. Pina Colada!

Had a lovely time with the family..
Chilling out and talking nonsense. 
Take care everyone! Tags to be replied below.

Tags Replied!

Miffygal: Thank u so much for ur support dearie! Yes yes I will do up a Actual Wedding Day post soon!
Includes Gatecrash & Tea Ceremony... hehehhe! My GateCrash was soooo cute.. all thanks to my evil Jie Meis... but it was soo fun! We look back at the pictures and LOL all the way! :D
Helena: LOL er thanks.. but Im married already! The website will be great for BTBs! (Bride-to-be)
_lyne: Jia You 2x! Any bridal designer that u are looking at currently? How about PGs n VGs? N photo-taking? Any place in mind? :) Wedding preps are so EXCITING, really! Enjoy the journey!!!
Connie: LOL! U r sharp! Its a Hermes H-our Watch in size Maxi. Colour Blue Jean (and I ordered an extra strap in Gold.)
Mochaccinoland: U have so much more yummy food in HGK dear! I miss pigging out there! Red House is good, but not fantastic. :(
Lise: Hi dear! My hair dryer is a professional one from Wella coz I won a hair competition some yrs back and it was included in the prize. Its called the Sahira but I dun think u can get it from shops, other than hair salons.
My curler is much easier to get, its the Panasonic Ionity. Love it so much!
Missy-Silver: Hahah yes got a Elaine73 page too! Thanks for 'liking' hahhaha! and the noodles pic not i take one leh.... is he take picture n post in his own FB one leh.. ahhaha
Amber: Thank u so much dear!!!!Hope u enjoy the blog!!! :D
Iryn: Yes! LOL! We both are. Not siblings at all. :(
Kaori89: Hi dear how r u!!! I had the eggs in MBS bd Bistro... it was yummy! :D
Andy was excellent! He is not yr typical MUA.. he is very fashion-forward and I do love my wedding looks.
Adelyn: Did I get ur name right? Im sorry coz I accidently deleted ur tag while getting rid of spam!
But I rem u asking if I would ever get a perm at my hair length?
No I will not coz its too short, for best results - hair length has better be ard the waist if not it will look very short. Unless u get a very very light perm, but frankly at this length u can easily do it yourself with little effort.
Im not going to perm my hair coz i like to wear it straight sometimes.

Ok bye dear all!
Back soon. 

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