A Day Of Celebration and Love

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hello hello!
Phew! The busy weekend is finally over and before I know it - 
(Hahahhaa every year must die die say one time!)

Last weekend was a whirlwind of happy celebrations!
First BFF Miko had her housewarming and we all went to send her our blessings :)

She is wore a Hello Kitty T-shirt for me!!!! LOL!
(Jungle Boy shake head.) 

Special Thanks to Closet Of Faith for their bohemian Swing Of the Butterfly Embroider Top in Navy $23/-!
It was so perfect for a Saturday afternoon .. I loved the royal colour but it comes in coral pink and green too! More on them laters! :D

They have the COOLEST KTV room that I have ever seen in a home!
All Des toys lined the walls, and they even have a touchscreen ktv monitor waahahhaah omg.

Pretending to sing with Andy Lau looking constipated.

So nice!

Actually I dunno how to use lol.

Thank u for having us over BFF Miko! We had FUN! :D
Sorry we couldnt stay for long coz we had to go to The Joie Makeup Bar and Creme Photography Grand Opening at Katong!

Our flowers that we sent!

Congrats Joie!
(George taking a nap coz he had a last-min wedding shoot on that very day!)

(This pic not we take one.. Joie!!! Hahhahah ~ think its Jacky!!!)

It was such a delightful surprise to receive a wedding-cum-birthday present from them! Thanks Joie, YJ and George ... you guys ROCK!

We're hanging it up in the room soon!
Love it!!!!

Our photo and some of George's wonderful work lining the wall.

And on the other wall.. BFF Hua picture ahahhaha!

These are Joie's work.

Love the sign!
Uber cool.

If u look carefully .. Im actually at the top upper left!
One in a Wedding Gown and one in my Nonya Kebaya Malacca trip.

And I loved the range of CHARM MAKEUP BRUSHES  that Ambassador Joie is carrying in her studio!
Admittedly the PINK attracted me the most but their wide range of professional makeup brush set and kabuki brushes are REALLY TO DIE FOR!

I bought this PINK Kabuki Brush!!! Soooo cuteeee!

In conjunction with Joie - TheMakeupBarCHARM is offering all the readers of Elaine73 a special offer only for the period of 28th Nov-16th Dec!

If u quote ELAINE73 in your order - you get not only a 10% discount off ALL brushes, you also get FREE NORMAL POSTAGE! And if your orders are above $30/- ... you get FREE REGISTERED MAIL!

Wow...! What a great deal!!!!!
Email your orders NOW to charmsg@hotmail.sg if you see anything you like! :D

I have this PINK set!!!!
Joie & YJ gave it to me for my birthday.... awwww so sweet and I love it so much!!!!

Shall I do a makeup tutorial one day??? :p
Joie uses the Professional Makeup set on all her clients and her students use them for classes and personal use. CHARM was created by this very popular beauty blogger cum Makeup artist, Sophie Uy - in the Philipines. The brushes are now very popular amongst celebs, makeup artists & makeup schools there. 
It is also regularly being recommended and reviewed in their local media publication & magazines!
(Prices quoted in pic all BEFORE discount)

Here's us having fun in the studio!

And how about a group pic, guys!!!!

Love ya all! xoxoxoxo

Bye everyone!
Im off to do up my Kitty Party Celebration pictures and hopefully I'll get it done up by TOMORROW!
(Which is my actual birthday ... woo hooo!)
Off to a short birthday getaway on Thursday so enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!

Special Thanks once again to Closet Of Faith for the lovely top!
I love their super chio model too! Omgggggg ...girl crush! LOL!

Simply quote ELAINECOF under the order quote for $1 off all purchases!

Like them in Facebook here!
And please remember to join them in their mailing list at http://www.closetoffaith.com/mailing-list for updates and latest news!!!!

Okies cannot resist one more chio pic of the model in my favourite colour PINK! ROFL.
Love! Take care all!

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