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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hello everyone!
If u are wondering about my disappearance.. *ahem* hehehe.. thats becoz I finally realised how to play Bakery Story .. thats why! *Sheepish smile*
Where got so cute game one???
Everyday I bake cake,pie,muffin etc etc and buy things with the 'money' I get!
Wahahhaha ok ok Im really super S.L.O.W becoz I see other ppl reach Level dunno how gazillion but Im still at level 10 lor. 

Last week was an extremely busy week!!
So many JOYFUL events! 
All in oneeee day :D

First we went to my dearest Ber's Grand Opening of her Boutique, LoveMi!

Im soooo happy for her!
U've worked so hard for this my darling!

Bought some clothes to support her too!
Hahah an excuse to go SHOPPING!

We drank alittle, shopped alittle, and even had a great chat with her wonderful boyfriend!
Was so unwilling to leave.. but another event beckons!

Zooming off to Bukit Batok!

Soooo excited to see my long-time girly girlfriend who just had baby Number 2!
Hello Baby Owen!

And I missed little Ruff too!
(I think Im scaring him.)

The other girls couldnt make it but its ok!
They sent their love too :)

Elder brother Enzo is the cutest little thing!
Love his korean style hair! *swoon*

And again, we couldnt stay long coz I had another Baby Shower to go to!
Yes... two in a day! And both baby boys! 

My darling cousin came to my wedding with the hugest tummy and now Im seeing my little nephew for the first time!
(Dunno why my eye weird weird in the below pic - think I was trying to wink but fail miserably! FML.)

She did such a great job organising the shower!
Four different vendors.. just for the cake and baby shower favours!

I ate the cupcake! 
So cuteeee also!
And we get to take the traditional favours back too! Red egg included!

It was truly a joyous day - spending time with loved ones and close friends, knowing how blessed and happy they are makes me a very very happy girl too.

"A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bank balance smaller, home happier, clothes dirty, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for." - Anonymous 

I wish everyone happiness in everything that u're doing - keep yr spirits high and stay blessed.
Back soon.

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Take care, everyone!

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