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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hi hi everyone!
As Im typing this, I went for a morning session of hot yoga and a short run around the estate after.
 It feels GREAT to sweat it all out and start the day proper.
Blue skies .. fresh air .. and lotsa birds chirping.

But coming back to another great love of mine ... 

Are you ready for pink.. pink.. and more pink???
(This is really a girlie blog... hahahahha!)

It was raining but it didnt dampen my mood!

We are HERE!
(See all the pink?)

I can camp here!

Located near Zhongxiao Fuxing, here's Da An road.

U can walk from the MRT station but if u haven been there, u need to ask around alittle to find the small lane.

Walking in...
More PINK greets me!


Can I just stay here and STARE at the pretty cakes all day?

Hahahha pink flower on her head!

We waited an hour (without reservations) but thats being lucky!
Pls call in advance if u go there coz sometimes they get really BUSY!

Take pictureeee!


The LOVELY kitty seats!

Kitty menu!
(But all in mandarin so I had to look at pictures!)

Even the waiters wear PINK!

We sat at level 1.

Bar counter where they prepare the desserts and drinks.

I am very happy to be here!!!

Even their bread has HELLO KITTY on it!


Side order of escargots.

His burger has a Hello Kitty wahahahha!

Set meal comes with a dessert of your choice too!

Buying some Kitty cakes to bring back home!

Bye bye Hello Kitty!
I love u! 
See u again soon!

Soon it was time to leave for the airport.
Good bye everyone!
I hope u have a great day ahead (esp after seeing all the PINK!) ehehhehehe!
Love love.

Good bye Taipei!
Hopefully I'll be back soon.

Take care everyone~
Heading to take a shower and then meet my girlfriend for dim sum later!
Back soon.

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