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Monday, November 14, 2011

Good Morning everyone!
Maybe by the time u see this, it might not be actually 'morning' anymore coz it actually  takes acouple of hours to do up a post, hehe!
But I have yoga later, so I'll try to finish this before I head to the studio! :)

Taiwan Part 3 : Kaohsiong
On the way in a taxi to the Taipei Railway Station.

It rained that morning in Taipei.

Here we are!

Buying tickets for HSR.
(High Speed Rail)

2 orange tickets and off we go!

Getting into the cabin.
Special love and thanks to MerryMolly for their Confetti Dress in Black!
It was perfect for a summer day!
Lightweight and breezy - I could twirl in it!

Byeeeee Taipei!

Coffe and Tea service in the train!
Feels like being in an aeroplane, hehehe!

Showing you the various cabins in the train.

2 stops and 1 and a half hour later...

Love the design of the train!

So sleek.

Kiss and ride???
No kiss .. no ride?? LOL.

Kaohsiong is very much like a sleepy town, as compared to Taipei.
Kaohsiung is the second largest city in Taiwan, with a population around 2.9 million.
It is a center for manufacturing, refining, shipbuilding, and other light and heavy industries. 
A major port, through which pass most of Taiwan's marine imports and exports, is located at the city but is not managed by the city government.

A kind taxi driver drove us to the most famous beef noodle shop in Kaohsiong!
And it is really very CROWDED!

We had to wait in line to get a seat!
Tables are shared between patrons.

Look at the food we ordered!


The mind-boggling array of side dishes.

Love my dress!

Its called 'San Niu'... do try it out if u decide to head to Kaohsiong!

We took a walk along the park park.

Here we are!
At the Zuoying Lotus Lake where the famous Dragon and Tiger Pagoda is.

Can u see a Dragon & Tiger?

Tradition is to walk into the Dragon and exit through the Tiger!
But not the other way round becoz there is a Chinese saying of 'sending a lamb into the Tiger's mouth'.

In the pagoda.

Next up, Love River!
Actually if you are staying for the night you should go at night... the view should be so much better!

Buying a drink before we go take the FERRY!


Buying tickets for the ferry!

Hahah there was a cute group of Taiwanese obasan along for the ferry ride!
They were so kawaii ~!!! Speaking in tai yu (taiwanese dialect) and all LOL!


 Love River is the spine of Kaohsiung, playing a similar role to the River Thames of London. 
It is of great cultural significance to the people of Kaohsiung and plays an important role in its economy and tourism. 
A riverside park, the Love River Park, runs along the riverbank in downtown Kaohsiung City.

We walked a short distance to the Museum after the ferry ride!

Kaohsiong Museum of History is a museum located inYancheng District in Kaohsiung and administered by the city government. The building of the museum was originally the Kaohsiung City Hall.

They had a mock up of an old shop that sells sweets and toys!
So cuteeee.

After the museum, we walked to get some DESSERT!

Walking around aimlessly ahahahah.
We wanted to see how different it is here in Kaohsiong as compared to the busy Taipei.
And boy, was it very DIFFERENT!

With some time to spare before the night market starts, we went to Shoushan. 
( Monkey Mountain).

There was a huge temple there!

View of Kaohsiong!

Shoushan is located at western side of KaohsiungTaiwan, to the north of the main entrance to Kaohsiung Harbor
It was named Ape Hill by the Dutch in the 17th century to describe many monkeys on this mountain.

We had a call a taxi down the mountain hehe! 
And just in time for LiuHe Night Market!
 But not before some food....

Mala hotpot!
Omg so nice!

The Liuhe night market.

It is famous for its various choices of food and local dishes, which attract tourists from many countries.
Multiple vendors and patrons fill the market at night.
 Tourists barter with locals for seafood, handicrafts, clothing, knives, cameras, and even live animals such as monkeys, dogs, and gold fish.

China tour group having a good time with the Turkish ice-cream seller!
He has really funny antics!

We were sooo attempted to try these really HUGE prawns!
Salted and BBQ-ed !!!

My greedy face ... everyday greedy face in Taiwan!

Going back to Taipei!

We didnt know it then, but that very day coincided with a huge all-star baseball game in Kaohsiong!
Every taxi driver asked if we were there to watch the game LOL!
And yes! I saw NoNo there at the train station!
He was very funny and nice and he asked me if Taiwan felt like Singapore coz it was equally as hot there!

We were very tired from all the walking but soon we were back in Taipei!
 Hello Taipei!

The best thing about Taipei is that the city never sleeps!
It was around 9.30pm (still early) when I reached so we decided to go Rouhe Night Market before heading back to the hotel!

This local peanut is BLACK!
Very very nice!

I rem seeing this fire-blowing uncle on my last trip!
He's very cool! And he blows FIRE! 
(Hahah not literally la :P)

More food.
(Im on a diet now back in Singapore coz I waaaay overate there!)

Back to the hotel...

Power Mojito! 

Cheers for a wonderful short trip!
I really had fun (in a mountain-climbing, ferry-taking way.)

Thanks W!
It was a lovely stay too!

And once again... 
Room service for Jungle Boy!
He forever hungry at night one leh!

Goodbye everyone!
Tags to be replied below.
Take care and have a GREAT start to the week!

Must sign off with me and Hello Kitty!
Wahahhaha the best thing about Taiwan is that, they are like me, totally Hello Kitty crazy!
Next up will be my final day in Taipei and my trip to the Hello Kitty Cafe there!!!
I almost hyperventilate in the cafe - surrounded by all the PINK!

Special Thanks once again to MerryMolly for my Confetti Dress in Black!
Love the exposed back - such a twist to this dress.

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The dress Im wearing is a self-manufactured MerryMolly dress and is CURRENTLY NOT OUT YET!
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Love this picture! The girls look so pretty!


missy-silver: Hahahha the noodles look good hor! But I shy to upload it la ahahha later ppl laugh at me for cooking instant noodles! -______-
Lin: Thanks dear! Congrats to u too! Have u chosen a date yet? :D
amber: LOL Thanks so much babe!!!! No la! Not very expensive!!!! Mid-ranged prices but very very worth it for Ted Wu! N being a totally MTM gown! At least I get to choose every aspect of it!!!! :D
missy-silver: Thank u gal! Hope u enjoyed the Taiwan pics too!!!
_lyne: Thats gd thats gd!!!! So which hotel did u pick? n which PG? :)
Dress wise ..  any shortlisted shops? :D
joey: Babe those are taken with his Leica M9. Not dslr too! :D
Im using the Canon GF3.. not bad for a point & shoot! But if u are serious about taking pics - try getting a Leica! The pics are really very diff from a DSLR.
rachel: Hi dear! I get my hair done at Twister Hougang Mall by my BFF Wendy Lau. 
joey: LOL oooops hahahha very paiseh but yes not working anymore! kekekeke. No intention to go back to work. Hoping to make babies leh!!! Hehheh shy.*
ping: Yes!!!! He is very nice n funny too!! N he really looks like gorilla ahahhah! Big n HAIRY! hahahahahah Nono fans pls dun kill me la :p
Yllas: Yes I like him too!!!! Everytime variety show got him sure laugh until PENGZ hor!!!!!
Xiaohui: Hi hi! I engaged Ichiro Films... ! Will Chua did my express highlights for my wedding day! But we also had incorporated some pre-wedding filming into the finished work so our rates are slightly different... (and higher!) if u were to choose just filming for actual day.
I dunno what the prices are for now, but u can always email them for current prices.
Most imptly u need to book them in advance coz they can get pretty busy! :D
iryn: Hi dear! I get my hair down at Twister Hougang Mall by Wendy Lau. Opening hrs are 10am-9pm.
My hair is not bleached at all! It is called 'Lightest Brown' without any bleaching method. :)
Janet: Hope u like the new post on Kaohsiong! The night market to go to is Liuhe but compared to Shilin in Taipei... its not as good! :) Hope this helps!!

Ok everyone!
Tags finally replied and I am going to watch some TV now!
Bye and have a good day today!

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