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Friday, November 11, 2011

Hello everyone!
I guessed people in Facebook would have known I went for an impromptu holiday - Hence the MIA here, sorry! Thanks for the support in FB there, too... sweethearts.

Last week we booked the tickets 2 days before the trip so it was quite a mad rush to pack, check weather, change money and plan the itinerary! 
But damn, it was well-worth it.
We ate, shopped and climbed mountains! (well, not literally... haha)

Hope u enjoy the pictures!
I miss TAIWAN already!!!

Hello Taipei! 

Along the streets on Taipei.

W, nice to see u!

Our room was simple and small ... but I loved the view of Taipei 101!
It was so lovely having a drink or two at night - unwinding after all the buzz in the night markets!

Haha act emo.

Changed into something comfy and get ready to go XIMENDING!

On the way.

Buying BUBBLE TEA! Omggg my fav drink anywhere!

And oyster mee sua! He loves it so much - we ate it practically everyday!

Its really the most delicious mee sua that I had ever HAD!

Night market shopping begins!

Did u watch the Korean show," He's Beautiful "?
I loveeee how cool the actor is! Haha pretending to kiss him here!

XMD getting really busy at night!


And only the one at Shilin! Coz its so so so so nice!!! (and smelly)

And fried chicken cutlet! 

We ate so much that night.... 
The next morning ...

Woke up early to go JIUFEN!

We hired a taxi for roughly 600NT per hour to drive to Jiufen.
Journey took about an hour and we spent half a day there, including going to the night market at Keelung.

Amazing weather!
We were so afraid that it will rain!

Besides being an old mining town, they have beautiful mountains too!

Taiwan is a religious country, so expect to see many beautifully-sculptured temples all over.

Special thanks to the lovely ClosetMatterz for my pop of colour top!!
The weather was pretty hot so I brought this along with me this trip!
So easy to wear - it matched the summer look perfectly!

We are HERE!

Up up up the mountainssss!

At the food street.
(Very crowded!!!!)

Lunch time beckons!

This are famous in Jiufen!
Their handmade fishball and meatballs.

Continue our walk.

All kinds of food sold.

An entrance to a Tea house.

The view is GORGEOUS!

Lets continue walking!

This local prawn cracker is very very nice!
Small small one and comes in a ziplock package!

Ordered some SNAILS!
BBQ ones...

Their famous taro ball dessert!

They sell it for u to buy home and cook those taro balls!

Another adventure!

To see SHIPS!

We could see huge commercial fishing boats and fisherman coming back to shore with their catch of the day.

It was a sleepy fishing village where I could see doors to houses open, dogs lying at the side of the road enjoying a nap and children playing near the dock.
It was very much a kampong lifestyle here.

The night market of Kee Lung!

The seafood is the freshest and juiciest here!
Catch u guys again soon!

Special Thanks once again to ClosetMatterz for their Pop Art Colour Top!
All readers here who LIKE them in Facebook HERE get FREE NORMAL POSTAGE!
The tops come in so many different summer colours and look great as a work top (comes with sash) or to simply add colour to ur casual weekend outfits!

Take care everyone ~
Been busy with picking up yoga again.
Love it!

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