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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hello everyone!
How is ur Saturday coming along? I dun usually post on the weekends - but Christmas is coming and Im afraid that everyone (including me, hehe) will be busy shopping for presents or wrapping gifts!
I loveee the holidays! But what I dun love is the crazy christmas CROWD.

Yesterday I met my lovely girls for a small Xmas Gift Exchange in town but what I didnt know was that it coincided with Isetan Private Sale at Shaw!
The carpark was massively jammed and the night before, I heard on the news that MRT was down.
So I know its a terrible feeling to be stuck and going no-where!
(Psst. How can MRT break down for so long, one??)

Okiesss... back to our happy gift exchange! 

We headed to Les Amis for set lunch.
I organised a small gathering becoz my friend Charmaine had given us Christmas presents (at my Kitty Bday party haha!) so we decided to buy each other gifts for Xmas anyways!

This is their Amuse Bouche - Smoked Salmon on Cracker.
It is a single, bite-sized hors d'ouvre that is usually complimentary.
It was delicious!

Their bread came nice and warm!

Cindee and I had a glass of wine while Char had a glass of still water coz she is a teetotaler.

We couldn't even wait for our lunch to end before opening the presents!
Here's Char with her pressies.
A great book called 'The Rules' from Cindee and a Charm Kabuki brush from me!

I have heard soooo much about this highly-raved book for single women, but I am curious to read it although Im already married! 
Am waiting for Char to finish it and lend me and I'll post a review.
Here's my gift to the girls ...Charm Kabuki Travel Brush!
I love how pink the box and brush is!!!!

Charmain loved the pink pouch that it comes with, too!

Look how cute and small it is!
Perfect for travel ~

I bought the exact same thing for Cindee since the both of them travel all the time!
I do hope they like it!!! :)

Here's my pressie from Cindee!
(Char's pressie is not shown coz she gave it to us much earlier LOL!)

OMG I loveeee it so much can!!!!!
Cin got me Hello Kitty Pyjamas!!! 
Im actually wearing it right now while kekeke!

It feels so nice and warm and soft!!!!

My handwritten Christmas Card to each of them.

Our Set Lunch is 3-courses - and we get to choose from a selection in the menu.
Char and I chose the Foie Gras while Cin had the Eel.

Next up is our main course.
Cin and I topped up alittle bit more for the Wagyu Steak and look what I got!
A pink steak knife to use!!! :D

Cheers to our friendship!
I do love spending time having girly lunches with both of u dearies!

Char had Pork Knuckles with Mash Potatoes and Caramelized Onion on the side.

Our Wagyu Steak done Medium!

I dun take much beef but I enjoy indulging every once in awhile!
The portion is just perfect for me without feeling too over-whelmed.

Time for dessert!
Charmaine's carrot cake - with literally a slice of carrot at the bottom!

Mine's Apple and Pear Strudel with Yogurt Ice-cream. 

We ordered some coffee & tea and this is heart-shaped white & brown sugar!

Our Petite Four.

Thank you my lovelies for the fabulous time at lunch!
It was a great leisurely time that we had - chatting about love, life and holidays.
I wish you both happiness and love in the new year and we shall meet up very soon ok!

Love y'all.

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Happy Pink Brush Shopping ~

Here's a quick link to my previous post on : Charm Brushes
Take care dear all!
Have a great weekend ~

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  1. The dress you wore to les Amis is lovely! Where did out get it from?


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