A 2nd Birthday

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello everyone!
While I unpack all the stuff from Taipei and load the pictures - here's a small post from right about last month hahahha! Its abit late coz I didnt want to post it before the mother did!
(And the mother took a loooong time to post it!) :p

Kayden's 2nd Birthday Party
Held at Wendy's parents place this year round, it was a small intimate family affair..
The setup!
I cant stop laughing at the poster!
Can u see an angry bird face??
The spread.

It was slightly Thai style but pretty delicious!
Esp the kong bak pau made by Wendy's MIL.. omg sooo good!
My darling naughty boy!
(Look at his unwilling face .. Thanks.)
Can happier anot
I had to bring all these balloons from Parkway for him ok!
Coz cant take it too early, later all the balloons lao hong. 
Then Im the only one staying nearest to Parkway so kena arrow lor!
Filled my car until cannot see the rear view hahaha.
Basket this Kayden still dun wan to smile.
Hua's turn to disturb him.
"I ish not happy!" from Kayden Neo
He knows how to Hi-5!
Erm.. his act cute lao bu.
Kayden trying to do the same pose!
Neo family!
Let's dig in!
Yum yum!
This picture is on my wallpaper coz its one of the only picture that Kayden looked into the camera!
You cannot imagine the number of people shouting for his attention BEHIND the cameraman.
Why u look so stunned ah!
You should be used to taking pictures coz ur mother always taking picture too!!!!
I soooo love this pic!
(Coz his face super blur look)
Look at yr Thomas the Train balloon!
He looks afraid LOL.

Cheeky look.

I had the Kumar show to go to after the party so I kinda forced the Birthday boy to open my present first!
(Else no pics coz we were leaving soon!)

Hope you like it darling!
Ok pass.
Think he likes it.
This picture super CUTE la!
(If you look carefully you can see Kayden posing)
Having a ball of time playing 'swing'!

Lets take a walk in your new train!
We share share ok?
This little mei mei soooo pretty and cute max can!
See her skin! Bai bai de ~ 

Family pic!
4 generations here! :D
Ah-ma,daddy,mummy,sisters (where is kor kor ah!) and Kayden!
You having a great time too right little Brax! Wooh!
Thanks for the invite but we had to leave early unfortunately!
Wishing Kayden health happiness and to grow up faster okie!
Godma & Godpa love you very very much :D
Had a GREAT time with the kids!
Back soon.
Promise xxxx

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  1. Hey babe, your godson is so adorable! And those pics are stunning, as usual. :) I've been following your blog silently but I thought it's time to break the silence! Also, I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award on my blog! http://reginachow.blogspot.com/2012/03/versatile-blogger-award.html :D

  2. Thanks a great deal dear!
    I'll try to do it up by the weekend! :D U have a great one!


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