Bring me to Peking

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Last weekend we brought both mummys to have a nice lunch at Paragon's Imperial Treasure Peking Duck restaurant.
Look how the chef deftly slice our piping hot Peking Duck!
It was truly a sight to behold.
Can u see the smoke?
I love Peking Duck and I really cant wait to take a bite!
First the chef slices some crispy skin and the waitress will tell you to dip it in sugar (not the usual sweet sauce) instead! It tasted pretty good!
And then you can go ahead and do your version of the Peking Duck - with the steamed 'popiah' skin!
Add some onions and cucumber, along with the Peking Duck and sweet sauce.
Im a very happy girl!
The food was tasty and the service was actually quite good.
Fast and efficient, warm and friendly yet not too over-zealous.
But most of all I loved the ambiance, - I do think Imperial outdid themselves recently with their restaurant's tasteful deco. Crystal Jade, you have some serious competition here.
Took a walk around Paragon to try to burn off such an sinful lunch!
Inevitably I get drawn into Essentials where I got myself a limited edition Diptyque candle!
(Packaging's pink so what do you expect me to do? Hehee!)
Will post a review on it soon! I absolutely adore it! 
And while its such an indulgence, sometimes girls ought to pamper themselves alittle :D
There was singing going on below so while I was shopping, the hubs went down to kaypoh alittle.
Look how CUTE these babies were! They swung and danced to the music.
A mother's love knows no bounds.
I had such a lovely weekend with the family. 
Hope yours was just as delightful.
Thanks everyone for being here!
Been kinda busy recently but dun worry I've replied all emails and I will be back to reply tags too!

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