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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Hello everyone!
Its mid-week already and if you have been following me in Facebook & Twitter you would have heard alittle from me trying out the latest skincare products from Innisfree which I have very kindly received from TheFaceApps.
Brand Overview
Innisfree is a natural brand that shares the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Jeju allowing for vibrant beauty and pursues an eco-friendly green life to preserve the balance of nature.
Their website is here but its mostly in Korean.
My products up for review.
Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask $29.90
A clay mask with Jeju volcanic clusters to attach to sebum and purify pores.
New and highly raved series from Innisfree that contains clay clusters from Jeju Volcanic Island, Green Tea extracts and Mineral Water. 
This series especially targets clogged / oily / troubled skins as the volcanic clusters work effectively to deep cleanse and unclogs pore over regular use and improve and refines skin texture. 
GMO / Mineral Oil / Chemical / Alcohol / Triclosan / Benzophenone and Paraben Free.
It doesnt dry up as the rest of the clay masks that I have ..... so you can talk or make facial expressions without it cracking!
Apply a layer (thick or thin is up to you) and wait 10-15 mins before washing off with warm water. 
Recommended to use after Innisfree Volcanic Steam Towel 
(Shown later.)
 The Green Tea Seed Serum $47.90
Number 1 Best Seller on the Innisfree website.
4.3 rating out of 5 from MakeUpAlley.
Green tea seeds, cherishing the pure moisture in the ground fills your skin with moisture. 
Highly concentrated green tea seeds, containing the vitality of green tea trees that are grown by the purest groundwater, provide and retain natural supple moisture within skin. 
Green tea seed serum is also the first skincare item to apply after cleansing to retain moisture in skin - the First Essence with watery texture, yet 5x greater moisturising capacity.
The serum also contains 'Green Complex' certified by ECO-CERT, with 5 sources of energy from 5 ingredients: Green tea, grape, tangerine, prickly pears, volcanic aquifer water naturally grown in the pure island of Jeju.
A moisturizing and nourishing serum with organic green tea seeds from Jeju to fill the skin with suppleness and clarity.
To be used after cleansing and before toner.
Its a lightweight and nice-smelling serum that seem to moisturize my skin without making me feel too oily.
I find the price to be very very reasonable becoz most serums cost at least twice or more!
Most importantly it did not break me out and the smell grew on me pretty much after acouple of days!
I actually pumped the serum just to smell it! LOL.
Its smells like dew, very fresh.
If you find it too much to apply it in the day - you can choose to apply it just at night, before your nighttime moisturizer. Serums are used to 'enhance' the properties of your regular moisturizer esp when you feel that your usual moisturizer is not totally effective.
 Eco-Science Wrinkle Spot Essence $63.90
*Note - This Set (Essence, Eye Mask & Roller) is only LIMITED to the first 10 customers*
Essence alone will be available to all, so you have to be FAST!
3rd Best Seller at the Innisfree Website.
Special wrinkle care for deep wrinkles and expression lines with the powerful regenerative energy of ocean plants found in the pure island of Jeju.
Enriched with natural anti-aging ingredients extracted from marine plants and Jeju Ocean botanical extractions, this product helps skin regeneration.
It has the anti-aging ingredient Retinol and contains the seaweed Sargassum which has been used in traditional Chinesse medicine from the 8th century AD and contains 40 kinds of minerals to help the skin's defensive system. 
It also revitalises and nourishes dry, aging skin and is an anti-oxidant with 4 times the effect of green tea extract in increasing collagen synthesis.
6 Free: No parabens, artificial colouring, ethanol, mineral oil, benzophenone, artificial fragrances.
Apply an appropriate amount gently around the eyes and mouth then gently pat with fingers for better absorption .
This did not irritate my eyes at all and the roller was a cute way to massage my eyes after a long day.
It smells rather nice, but in a more 'medical' way as opposed to a sweet floral scent. 
It is afterall, a product that is targeted as a Wrinkle Spot Essence. 
I think its a prefect present for me who is turning 30! 
I really need something to get rid of my wrinkles coz I was too slack for preventive measures in the past. 
So girls.. you have to start soon!
*Do note that like a face serum, - you have to apply your normal eye cream after Wrinkle Spot Essence for its full benefits*
The Roller & Mask in background
(Limited to first 10 customers only)
Jeju Volcanic Steam Towel $15.90
How to use:
1.Thorughly wet steam towel and place it on a plate.  Put it in a microwave for 20seconds.
2.Place steam towel on back of your hand to see whether temperature is appropriate.  
If it is hot, allow it to cool down before placing it onto your face.
3.Close your eyes to relax and allow it to stay on for 5minutes.
4.Apply Jeju volcanic pore clay mask to clarify opened pores.
5.Hand wash used steam towel and store it in a clean place after drying it (reusable)
It so CUTE!
Love the eyelashes on the towel, haha.
I also like it coz its so relaxing and you can use it anytime to open your pores and have a mini facial at home.
Re-usable. Simply wash and dry.
Natural Essential Masks $2.50 each
Soy - A  mask with outstanding antioxidative effect and skin-regenerating effect for smooth and emulsified skin. 
Honey - A mask that gives rich nutrition and intensive moisturization for healthy skin. 
Lemon - This mask offers whitening and revitalising your skin.
They have so many kinds! Each has a different target so you can choose which to use according to what your skin needs. 
The mask has a slight papery-feel, and the serum is of a lighter consistency and is not sticky after use.
Here's 2 of my reviewed masks.
Soy : It smells so GOOD! I love soy everything and the whole time I had the urge to eat the mask. Haha! 
Honey: This is for moisturizing and I could smell a faint honey smell from the mask. Its also very delicious smelling! There is no sticky-ness after removing the mask. Use for 10-15 mins after steam towel to relax at home. 
If you are into K-pop then you will know that Yoona from SNSD is the Innisfree spokesperson!
She is soooo pretty and her complexion is FLAWLESS!
I dunno who she is until I was doing my research on Innisfree but apparently she is very popular! 
Here's just a lovely picture of her before I scare you with my makeup-free face later! :p
- The Picture Review -
Admittedly these pictures were taken AFTER using the products becoz I would always insist on trying a product out for at least a week before I do a review.
I wanted to see how my skin reacts to the skincare and if I get any breakouts from it.
To prep my skin for the review - I stopped most of my skincare products (including serums/masks/facials etc) and relied on my basic facial wash, eye cream and moisturizer daily for about 10 days.
I did not even use any toner/lotion, leaving my skincare routine as simple as it can be.

Before Picture 
I have used the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask once so this is the second time that Im going to use it. 
Face is free of makeup and is washed before review.
Use the Innisfree Volcanic Steam Towel to open pores and prep skin for mask.
I applied the mask on one (right) side of my face for a fair demonstration.
You could either use a brush (recommended) or use a spatula to scoop mask from tub and apply. 
This is about 10 mins later and note that it doesnt feel dry or crack even when I talk during the process.
Face is noticeably fairer on the right side as compared to the left (before-mask) side!
(Pictures have not been photoshopped in any way)
 -3 Days Later-
I've used the mask once again and the serum and wrinkle essence daily since then.
Today Im going to try the Innisfree Eco Science Eye Mask.
I have just applied the Clay Mask and Im pleased to say that my skin is much brighter and more luminous.
I did not use any scrub - just the Steam Towel before the mask
The Wrinkle Free Essence has to be used in conjunction with the eye mask so I apply it first before applying the mask.
Lightly dot essence under eyes and use roller 
(Or fingertips to pat it in)
The eye mask is similar to the ones I used by SkinFood previously!
Its light and has a gel material which is cooling to skin.
After Eye Mask, Apply Innisfree Green Tea Serum to whole face.
Apply Innisfree Eco Science Wrinkle Essence followed by regular eye cream 
(Im using La Mer Eye Concentrate) and finish using moisturizer. 
(Im using CPD Gentle Day or Night Emulsion)
Apply makeup as normal.
(Skin have not been altered or photoshopped in any way.)
Im channeling my inner korean with this center parting.. hahaha!
No la, fringe too long. Tomorrow going for hair cut already :D
Hope you like my little review!
I really enjoyed it! This has spurred me to take pictures of items that I have bought recently and perhaps start listing them down here!
 I will try to do more reviews on regular day-to-day products so we can all share what's good and what's not! Take care and have a great week.
Special Promotion for the readers of Elaine73 here!
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To order - Pls email with the header "ELANE73 INNISFREE PROMO"
List down the items that you want, along with the quantity and remember to leave your name and telephone number so someone can get back to you!

Do hurry coz stocks are brought in directly from Korea and is limited!
Check out their other Korean brands like Ciracle, Rojukiss, SkinFood, FaceShop and Klairs!
Like them in FaceBook(here) for Giveaways and Latest Promos and Updates!
Happy Shopping and great skin days to everyone here too!

Edited to Add:
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  1. wow!!! love it!

  2. i love innis free, always stock them up when i visit korea..
    i love their green tea series muchie
    their line for men is really good for the the lazy men..cos they have 2 in 1 it for my SO.

  3. Thks Lucia :)
    Xuan-er : Did u try their Clay Mask?? Omg its really very good! My Holy Grail of masks currently!
    And at $29.90 its such a steal.. I bought 2 already :p

  4. no...i will keep a look out for it for future...currently hoarding too much of others... hehehe...worse when i have a tokyo trip coming up in 2 weeks...means more shopping >_<

  5. Lol I wish u a great trip dear!

  6. dear , does the green tea seed serum suitable for oily skin ? =)

  7. i use this product too and it's got nice result !

  8. Niena, Sorry for the super late reply! Yes its suitable! :D
    Shelly, Yes I agree! xoxo

  9. How to get innisfree products in Singapore?

  10. hi, nice review!
    i've just ordered my innisfree mask too and will apply it onto my face soon. haha

  11. Hope u like them as much as I do, babe! xo

  12. Hello, could you give me some advices about Skincare? I'm now interested in Innisfree and I found that they have many good Skincare products. However, I don't know what is good for my skin. I have a combination skin. It dries in winter and oily in summer (especially my nose, other parts not so much). So, what kind of product should I use?

  13. I really liked your blog. It has a sense of humor and quite interesting. Good job guys. Looking forward for more updates.

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  14. Purchase from Innisfree Singapore online shopping website

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