Our Picturesque Weekend

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

- Saturday, 3rd March -
What a fun weekend it was!
Last week we secretly bought cake to celebrate George's 39th birthday!
Rushing to sign the card before da man comes!
 We signed for Mr & Mrs Ong even though they had something urgent to attend to and couldnt come last minute!
 Luckily birthday boy was walking (really!) to the restaurant so we had time to sign and hide the birthday card. 
Starving so we ordered as soon as he arrived!
Escargots with mushrooms, foie gras and salad comes with set.
So much food! 
(And drinks!)
 Wagyu Beef!
 We had the whole private room to ourselves!
 Ran out to the 'balcony' to take some pictures becoz.....
 Waiter secretly brought out the cake for George!!!!!
 Happy Birthday Cowboy!
(Bought the hat for him when I was in Bangkok!)
 Adjourned for second round drinks nearby.
Drinks all night long.
 The tragedy of  having smartphones...
Joie.... we are still listening, dun worry! :p
 Dun think she believes, hehee.
- Sunday, 4th March -
Went for some Nonya food with the hubs nearby.
I love batik!
I own some kebayas and they are absolutely the most gorgeous kind of clothes.
They are practically a kinda history that Im so proud to be a small part of.
Antique pictures.
Lets dig in!
My highlight of the meal - Dessert!
I love my sago gula melaka.
(p.s Love how my skin looks here! Skincare review up soon but if you have been following me in Twitter you would have known how I raved about it!)
 Joo ciat is such an amazing place.
Who wants to give me a ride???
Went off to meet the gang at Seletar Reservoir.
They were filming a video-cum-advert for their upcoming Videography wedding package and we got a first hand look behind the scenes.
There was alotttttt of monkeys lor.
I got pretty paranoid & I hid my sunglasses nice and safe in the car!
This was also George's directing debut.
I cant wait for the ad to be up!
Lisa (the model) looked absolutely great in the shots!
Cant show much due to privacy reasons but we all had a great time and ended the lovely night with chicken rice, beer and lotsa laughter in the studio.
 "The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind."
-Rodney Yee
Have a blessed week ahead everyone!
Me & my Standing Bow.  (Very easy to do one!)
Lotsa Love!

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