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Monday, March 05, 2012

Last Saturday, the hubs and I popped by Lavender for a quick lunch before heading to my girlfriend's baby shower.
I dun really go for all the icky organs so I pass it all to Jungle Boy (he loves it!) and I finish all his tofu and meatballs.
Have you been here before?
Cheng Mun Chee Kee
24 Foch Rd
Singapore, S(209949)
Opening hours : 9am till 5am daily
We also dropped by MBS to pick up my watch strap!
I ordered it half a year ago... this was a long wait. :(
Hello, colours!
My fringe is getting way toooo long. Need to do something about it soon! xx
Take care & have a great start to the week!

Tags Replied!
Mochaccinoland: Hahahha ya lor! The ah beng salesman very duh lor. When I heard it I dunno wan to laugh or cry can.
Christine: Thks dearie :) My gd fren bought it for me in HK when she was offered one by her regular SA, she said she couldnt carry the colour but i love it personally!!! :D
Silver: Ya the font is weird sometimes!Sometimes ok then sometimes change by itself! Pek ciat :(
spec: Hope u like the tutorial sweets!!! Its for u specially :D
Jane: Thks!
K: LOL! Its a very simple story! Not romantic de~ :P
Yllas: Thk u sweetheart!
angie: Hehehe true true! But I need to 'work' for it by posting nice nice pics! :D
Dressy: Thk u so much dear! That top was bought in Taiwan and I love it too! Very nice n cooling material and very basic style so easy to match anything :)
VeronT: Yup! Its very 'liang' in hot weather coz material quite thin! :D
ping: :p hahahhaha but he is really getting better I must say! I love all his street photography pics :D Im very proud of him, he works so hard. He's constantly reading up on photography news n trying to improve his skills :)
angie: Thk u!!! I use PICNIK but sadly they are ceasing the website in april!!! im so sad! :((((
curious: Thk u sweetheart! Pics are from Jungle Boy and I also dunno how to take those pics!!!!LOL! My photos skills suck.
Mocha: Yes! Night pics really need external flash to be nice.. Jungle boy has an external flash for dark shots. :)
Mary: Thk u dear! But that blue dress is from Bedok Interchange and its $10. #truestory
bambi: Thkssss!!! Omg he will be so happy to hear that!!!! But haaha he's not a pro! He just has alot of interest in photography. Im so proud of him, he is really quite good for a amateur. :)
s: I dun! Make sure the curler is hot enough, and sometimes u can try to use those mousse for maintaining ur curls if ur hair tend to be straight or u have done rebonding. I dun have rebonded hair, so the curls tend to stay longer. But if its very humid then my curls will only last half a day.. thats pretty normal in singapore! :(
_lyne: Hahahha yes i get the urge to stay in but looking at the pics.. its so worth it to wake up early and go all those places :)
Lin: Got meh!!!!! LOL!
Miffygal: Yes! Put about pearl size on tips and rub hands so that body warmth melts creme and pat on face lightly. Sticky feel is normal n u will get used to it :)
Nath: Thks! 
florence: Thk u dear! The pics are lovely coz they are from Jungle boy, not me :p My photo skills suck big time heheheh
Joyce: Thks sweets! I got it from M)phosis! Was on sale! Like $15 or something :D
ping: Sharp eyes ping! :D its a very easy to carry bag, love how light it is.
Etel: Thk u dearie!!! Yes yes I love all the pics from Jungle boy.. he's sooo talented and hardworking. I feel so proud showcasing his 'work' here to share :)
Jenn: LOL! No i dun..!! I only have afew statement pieces which I practically wear to deathhhh :D
VeronT: Hahhah I am really thinking of it!!!! I desperately need to sell off some stuff to make space for my wardrobe.
eatpo: Yes! My hair is not rebonded at all and it is naturally straight (u can see from some of my pics when I wear it straight.. thats my natural hair texture.)
faiith: No larrr!! Hahhahaah not me la! Dunno who some random stranger... I was wearing blue dress and I dun have a white lv bag! :p
cat: Thk u!!! I think I earned Jungle Boy a fan! LOL! :p He used the Nikon D3S and various lens depending on the lighting, picture etc. :)
Katherine: Thks dear!! I use GINGERLY from MAC and my lens are Green from Geo Lens. Its circle lens, and it lasts for a month.
nails: No fixed place for nails but the recent ones are from my neighbourhood shop in the East :D
Florence: Thk u so much sweetheart! I really hope u like it!
Jasmine: LOLOLOL!!!! Yes laaa!!!! I have grown to love it over the years :) But it was a form of insecurity when I was growing up.. I found it humongous!!!! 
Sophia: Hi dear! I haven been to Bali that often but I did fly there for work last time! I stayed at the Bvlgari previously but now the most 'in' hotel is W! U can try it out! I have frends who go there specially for the bar and spa so I reckon its a really pretty place!!! And as most W, the service is great! Its hip and happening and perfect for younger people (ahem, like us, right!) Hope this helps! U can check out my previous Bali trip for more info and pics on Bvlgari :D Hope u enjoy Bali!

*Thats all sweets! Catch u all soon.*

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