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Thursday, May 31, 2012

I seldom take my old, previously unpublished pictures out from my archives but here's some snapshots from many many meetings ago! It was too much fun looking at them again! :)
- November 9th 2011-
Met up with my old friends ex-colleages Carol & Shar for lunch at Shaw's Bistro Du Vin for a french affair 
The menu on display
They have set lunches so we went ahead with it - topped up for foie gras to share!
Some other starter haha
Ooooh loved this parma ham rock melon thingy
The setting's casual but a tad too noisy for us! I remember shouting to each other coz the din from the other diners kinda uninterrupted our conversation. Alot.
Our main courses was not too bad. Portion was just nice but the salt! 
I was gulping water left and right after
The desserts was GOOD though! 
I would go there for desserts and coffee in future :)
-November 11th 2011-
Finally managed to meet my good good sisters for lunch!
The initial plan was hi-tea but we cant resist dropping by my favourite place : Oyster Bar!
Cin & Char - my two C sisters :D
Beef Carpaccio starter
We had champagne and oysters in the afternoon! 
It was sooo quiet and we had the whole place to ourselves! Happiness 101
Had Terrine sandwich - totally yums!
Excellent bites
Love this place - not the pricing LOL.
The three of us
Adjourned to Fullerton Bay for hi-tea 
(I know right .. we girls really can eat!)
The atmosphere was lovely! Service was friendly and we spent a great deal of time talking and talking!
It was a GREAT afternoon with the girls! Love.
-December 8th 2011-
Arranged another lunch at Shaw's La Strada before our friend Stacey popped!
They have set lunches here which is pretty popular with the corporate crowd
I really liked this place and the service was EXCELLENT!
I left my camera there and the kind maitre d' actually went through the trouble to get my number from reservations to inform me! Blur me went all the way home without realising it LOL
Portions was good too but likewise, alittle too salty for me
Great catch-up with all my mummy friends!
We went gaga over the desserts again! But I would drop by in future if Im in the area! :)
Fast Forward 
-April 5th 2012-
Had a belated birthday celebration for Char at Hougang Mall
She bought me a yoga mat from the US!
Wearing my Amelie-Anne Summer Dress in Kelly Green :)
(They have a NEW collection launched last night! Take a look at it pixies!)
We lunched at Ichiban Boshi
Was craving for CURRY!
Adjourned to dessert - yummmmy!
Great girly chat with my good friend!
Talk until she late for her next appointment kekeke.
-20th May 2012-
Great hair tie-up day before meeting my cousins for dimsum!
I dun think I can ever live without my Havaianas.
Forget Loubies,-  this shit really ROCK!
(Wore them to Lady Gaga concert too!)
-May 23rd 2012-
Snapshots of my darling Godson Kayden Neo!
Cheeky face doing ... GUESS WHAT
Laugh until sooo happy much xx
Sticking tongue out
Going 'Whoop!' at Angry Birds! LOL!
His fav game
Frowning coz I kissed him! Aiyo!
-24th May 2012-
Random shots of my video filming day! 
My fav hello kitty Christmas gift mug
Lunching at Bruno's with the gang
Dii dii tryin' on clothes in LoveMi Shop Keong Siak Street
Our darling Ann Ann came down to find us in the midst! 
Miss u guys already! Let's catch up soon xxxx
-22nd May 2012-
Leaving this for last coz its actually BER'S BLESSED BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!!!
We celebrated it early at Marmalade Panty ION last week
Wore my Be My Valentine Lace Dress from
New collection up recently too! Love all the Summer Love tunics!
Blessed birthday dear! Hope u are enjoying Spain!
Us three! Val, Ber and Me xx
We somewhat told her we're giving her a vibrator LOL
Wacky antics 
No lar! Its perfumeeeee :D
And lingerie! Hope u like it!
The food in Marmalade's alright only but the SERVICE! *thumbs up*
Thank u handsome black rimmed specs pong pong hair manager! U're a gem!
The staff suddenly presented Ber with this! 
Awwww sho sweet max right!
Busy gal on the phone
Let's go get more CAKE!
I came back with this x
Make a wish dear!
Hope you enjoy yr special day!
Love all my girls xxxxx
Back soon!
Keep lovin' xoxoxoxoxo

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