Hectic Weekend

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Its sucha busy day today!
Hope everyone is doing fine and here's two little pictures from today (so far!)
Had a GREAT time with the sweetest girls!
And then I went to take my new My Little Pony handphone case from my darling lover who specially thronged the crowds in Taipei's Shilin Market to buy it for me!
She even got me a matching t-shirt to match! 
(Dunno why my face look so weird)
Tonight we are going to bring the house down at the indoor stadium with Russell Peters!
If you're going and you see me there..... just say hi will ya! :D
And then off to celebrate YJ's birthday day at KPO til late.
Have a great day too pixies!
Happy Vesak Day to all my Buddhist friends here! 

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