My Surprise Shiraishi Dinner

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Last week we decided to catch The Avengers - a hugely anticipated blockbuster this year with furious moves and witty dialogue. 
I was eager to watch it after relentlessly hearing rave reviews from naughty chums who was determined to burst my bubble and provide me nuggets of spoilers from the movie.
As I fiercely try to ignore all media (& friends) information on the show itself.. I somehow forgot that it was our 7 month wedding monthiversary*. (?)
*Definition by Urban Dictionary : Similar to anniversary, but occuring every month. 
For people who are overzealous about a new relationship.
Thankfully I had my wonderful other half - who is a silent romantic at heart. :)
Most awesome melt-in-your-mouth sashimi that reminds me of the orgasmic worthy ones found in Japan.
You could say I went to Heaven and back.
Kudos to the man in charge : Head Chef Shiraishi Shinji
He was extremely friendly (infact all their staff was) and affable in every way - he talked to almost every customer and personally greeted each and every one who walked in.
Silky chawamushi that feels more like tofu instead of egg.
Another chef hard at work 
I didnt manage to catch his name, but he was extremely warm and engaging, constantly filling us with information on the cuts of fish that he had in the restaurant. 
Deft hands
I guess Shiraishi is one of those restaurants you go when you want to have an extremely special experience having authentic Japanese food by highly skilled chefs outside of Japan.
Go for the kaiseki set, have some nice sake and an intimate conversation with your other half.
You probably wouldn't regret it :)
 Address: 7 Raffles Avenue
#03-01 Ritz-Carlton Millenia, Singapore
Tel: +65 6338 3788
Hope you enjoyed the pictures
Back soon.

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