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Thursday, June 14, 2012

It was little Ed first birthday last week so we popped by for a little while before going to the hospital to visit my mum.
He's such a small adorable little grump!
(He was so pissed he cant reach the cake LOL)
Named after Twilight's leading character - "Edward" was chosen becox his mum went into labour while watching the movie! Hilarious trivia but such a cute birth story! 
In awe of his birthday cake candles
The theme was Sesame Street but I wore Leopard ... hehehe! 
My favourite is Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Ernie, Big Bird, Count Dracula .... 
Oh man! I love them all!!!
Happy Birthday little Ed Ed! May u grow up handsome and love eating cake like ur daddy! :p
You're soooo cute I wanna bite ur cheeks!
We finally had time for a late dinner after leaving the ward and giving my mum some time to rest.
Headed to Monster Ramen nearby
I had the spicy ramen but admittedly I didnt quite like it although the noodles was rather springy.
Thankfully there was no crowd (we were famished!) and the prices are pretty easy on the pocket.
Hot hot hot~!
Quick nightcap before heading home to rest
Walked to get the car and guess what I saw!!!!
♥♥♥ Hello Kitty BIGINI .... !!!♥♥♥
 I was soooo excited! End up buying a tankini & a bikini - Cutest thing ever!
From my Instagram 
Would you wear a Hello Kitty bikini? :)
Fiona: Im trying to get the stock in! I have requests to sell it so I thot, Why not bring in more to sell??? :) R u interested? I try ok!
Kathleen: Hi dear! Its called Miharu Ramen at Gallery Hotel and Im also bringing in the Chanel-inspired cardigan for my new online shop! :D
faith: Thk u! I bought it from Sincere and I think its called BR S Steel, smallest size 39mm. I love it coz its such a basic and easy to match rugged watch! N huge too! Love huge watches!! :)
faye: Yes! Contact them @ http://lovewristlet.livejournal.com/ 
Shanie: U mean the bunned up hair?? I might do a tutorial on it! Its very very easy and it takes 5 mins! :D
And which white lace dress?? Hee!
espenine: LOL! Yes! Something wrong with the codes so I just remove it! :p
Kallise: Hi dear! Kee Lung & Jiu fen all FOOD FOOD FOOD!! No clothes one! If u wan buy clothes u go wu fen pu (except mondays) or Shilin! :D
VeronT: Yay! Thk u I will try to do it up coz recently busy with my mum's hospitalization & stuff so had to delay the website. :( I will find time de!!!
jes: I cant rem where but I think n think its BKK! I will keep a lookout for it and bring it in (or similar looking ones) to my new website.. hao bu hao! :)
Veron: Yay! :D
MrsTay: :'( Im really so so sorry to hear abt it. I do appreciate yr kind intention by telling me yr story and I really believe u have a good heart but yr ex-husband was simply horrible to do that to u. :(
I have heard sooo many stories abt xiao long nu and trust me I know even local girls are capable of doing such things so I TOTALLY agree with u on keeping our husbands away. But if a man wants to stray - he will find any means to stray. >:( I will try my best on my part but I really cant predict the future. Sigh. How vulnerable us women can be sometimes. I can give up my life, my dreams and my career for my family but I told myself if even my husband try to be funny with me - I will really pack up and WALK OUT! 
I salute u MrsTay for baring it out here and pls - if u ever need a listening ear do email me ok? Take care.
ping: Thk u *hugs* Hope u are well too!
jac: I cant rem where but I think n think its BKK! I will keep a lookout for it and bring it in (or similar looking ones) to my new website.. hao bu hao! :)
Sarah: Noooo not trueeee!!! LOL Picture only!!! My hair messy de!
thisgoodsober: Hello! :) U might need to find a good aesthetic doctor and do either IPL (for pigmentation and improve skintone) or Fractional laser skin resurfacing to reduce pores and get rid of acne scars.
A course of 5-6 sessions is usually needed and it costs ard 1k+, - but the results are so much better then anything off the shelves!
U can also do a chemical peel as maintenance inbetween IPL or Laser to improve the condition of ur skin by getting rid of 'old' skin to reveal new skin. At night u can try to get either BHA or AHA products (best to be recommended by doctors) and always.. always use sunscreen even on cloudy days!!!
Drink lotsa water, no fried foods and stay away from fast food! Exercise regularly and dun smoke. Drink in moderation. U can choose to go to a facial every 2-3 months to deep cleanse yr pores but try to mask every week on ur own . If u need recommendation for aesthetic doc - email me, i'll be more than happy to help. Take care! <3
Bye everyone! Love. 

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