Afternoon at Coastal Settlement

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Posting all my backlogged pictures slowly but surely! 
Im missing my favourite girls all over again and there's our most recent trip to Coastal Settlement in Changi.
I almost lost my way! But it was all good when I got there :)
I love all the vintage Beetles displayed outside! Cool.
How about a multicolored one?
The colonial styled cafe was spacious and there was a huge garden with a swing! Perfect for lively kids bored outta their minds while the parents chat away with coffee
The entrance
Walking in, you can see lovely ceiling chandeliers hanging above the bar top while u glow in the orange dim!
I think it would look spectacular at night :)
Im digging the retro sofa sets! 
My dearest 38 sisters! Cel and Viv
There were Vespas everywhere too!
Retro seems to be the theme here 
I used to see calendars like this everywhere! Where have they gone to?
Retro Coke bottles
Cute shophouse displays
Our starters to share! The mushroom soup was yummy but disappointingly it came barely lukewarm. Infact my food companion described it as 'cold'. :(
The curry chicken was pretty good with generous slices of french loaf. 
Rosti and sausage was delicious and the portion was huge too
38 loving all way round!
We could all talk forever so we had dessert and coffee while we continued our chit-chat session
The waffles was excellent! Hot and ooiishi!
Sister Cel brought her Hello Kitty polariods for us!
We all took some home!
Having so much fun cam-whoring in a near empty cafe on a weekday afternoon! :p
Had such a great time we hope to come back soon! xo
Admittedly the ho-hum service was nothing to shout about but I saw an old friend working there so I'll pop by just for him!(Hello Yus! If you're reading this!)
And guess who I saw shooting pre-wedding couple outside! Our good friend A! 
With her HUGE light outside!!! Can I put this in my room???
Came out to see my 38 sisters posing with my car *sweat*
My car just turned 3! Time flies!!!
Lets do it again!
Love ya both xoxo
Back soon!

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