Hi-Tea, Dinner and a bout of Shopping

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sometimes I love girly lunches but when the lunch date in question is actually a guy - What do u call it then?
A GUY-LY girly lunch?? Hahaha! Lame jokes aside.
About 2 weeks ago I had a grand ol' time with one of my cutest friends at Antoinette Mandarin Gallery.
Dining here could be a hit or miss with the lack of table reservations. So you are either have to be very lucky to score one immediately or have some patience and sit on the luxurious chairs outside and wait for one. 
The wonderful colours and myriad of sweets make my head go wild!
So many choices!
Pralines are a girl's worse friends! So sinful and small but delicious!
The Parisian style never fails to delight  
It was walking into a wonderland
A perfect confectionery gift for someone with a sweet-tooth!
Vin vin - my H twin partner in crime.
I copy his pattern
Act cool
My Carbonara which originally isnt a spaghetti choice but the kind waitress volunteered to change the pasta upon hearing my hesitation! That was very flexible on their part and I do appreciate that very much.
Vin's Paris Crepe
The portions was huge but we managed to finish it coz the food was really yummy
We cant possibly leave without trying the desserts right?
Had such a wonderful time talking rubbish with my dear friend!
Strawberry shortcake was light and fluffy
Perfect with a cuppa coffee and having a leisure afternoon
Dinner at Shunjuu Robertson Quay after all the walking in Orchard!
Cher looking at the menu with intense concentraton
Lover dunno doing what ding dong
We ordered so much food that day!
Hahahha Vin feeding Lover
Bacon and Asparagus 
Green pepper mince meat
Vin and Cher ♥
Lover and Me ♥
We are teaching Cher how to INSTAGRAM!
And Cher really set up account!!! Lover also set up account that day!! LOL
Dinner was fabulous and I loved the food there!
Off to foot massage at 10pm!
Crazy friends!
So shiok! #Likeaboss
Thanks for the fun night! Lets do it again soon xoxo
p.s my picture so blur coz the room was really dark!!! YUNO use flash???

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