The Last of My Taipei Hello Kitty Flight

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So Im finally done with all my Hello Kitty pictures from Taipei & HongKong. I hope you have enjoyed Part 1Part 2 and Part 3 :)
When I stopped at the last post - I wanted to finish up the last pictures from the trip but I went to edit the pictures from my recent Bangkok instead! So I decide to be a good girl and do this as soon as I can to avoid having too many backlogged pictures from recent people & places!
-Boarding Hello Kitty Flight-
This is from HongKong to Taipei and I was excited all over again!
The interior was slightly less pink than I have expected and abit more serious and 'proper' but I couldnt resist taking pictures with the framed Hello Kitty photo right smack in front of our seats!
A purple Hello Kitty pillow
Instagram-ing with my Hello Kitty floral specs from my KL trip!
The flight took off uneventfully and soon it was time for dinner
My meal!
Found a Hello Kitty shape carrot! Soooo cute!
Up up and away to Taipei
I bought this Hello Kitty passport cover & baggage tag set from the Inflight Duty-free sales.
Finally got into our hotel at around 11pm! Am so tired 
Checked-in quickly
Had no time to waste ... coz we went to the night market almost immediately!
Wanted to grab some local food and do some quick shopping before we turn in for the night
I love SKULLS! Bought this right on spot LOL
And my favourite guava with sour plum powder! Shiok!
It was close to midnight and the stalls were beginning to close for the day
But this uncle very cute! 
Pose for me while we were waiting for his food!
Cant remember what this was but it was pretty good! 
Love Taiwan's street snacksssss yummy!
Suddenly a whiff of something familiar hit us .......
Smelly tofu!
I love!
(But Shilin Night Market one much much smellier and nicer!)
While waiting for a cab to go back to the hotel
Enticed by the music from Woobar when we reached the hotel lobby!
A nightcap never hurts :)
Pina Colada - My fav holiday drink
Called it a night soon 
The next morning ......
Woke up early to go out before we head back to Singapore!
Jungle Boy said specifically .. "NO MORE HELLO KITTY CAFE!" Lolz.
So Ah Zhong Mian Xian here we comeeeeee~
Bestest bestest best in da world
Took a walk down the smaller street lanes
Blazing day perfect to share a Bubble Tea!
Walked pass some food stalls .....
And we went in to eat again! Faintz
I dun really take pig intestines so I ate all the tau pok! (beancurd)
#Tamjiak #forever
It was a rather hot day but we continued walking 
(coz ate too much very full!)
Walked passed this cafe before going back to the hotel and the cupcake looked so delicious!
Quaint little place for us to rest our feet and enjoy the aircon!
Back to the hotel
Swimming pool
W hotel pride themselves for having one of the most artistically-designed new age luxury hotels in the world so I guess it was fitting to see huge chrome balls right smack in the middle of the swimming pool area! 
I dunno much about art but it was pretty hilarious taking pictures with it
A fireplace near the lobby
And soon it was time to head to the airport
Bought some local snacks for family and friends
And then hello again our local pride in the skies. :)
Although I had enjoyed myself immensely on the Hello Kitty flight - Singapore Airlines has, and always will have a special place in my heart. Maybe its the great memories of my flying days or the very fabulous friends that I have and still keep close to me til today even when I've stopped working for about 1 year already. (Time does fly!) But Im grateful for the 7 & a half years that SQ have given me. 
So many tears of joy and pain but every one well-spent and I frankly would never trade it for anything else in the world. :)
Now as I embark on another journey of my life and meet new people through photography or blogging events, I often look back and wonder what would life be like if I have never flown the friendly skies?
Maybe I would not be the person I am today? Or have met the people I know today. But one thing is for sure, Im looking towards the future and living each day as happily as I can be.
Hope u do the same in yr wonderful life too. 
God bless.
Have a great mid week.
Yes .. going yoga again tomorrow and then its hi-tea with my favourite girls!
New "Eating Right and Exercising" Post right below! (Click Here!)

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