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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello hello! Sorry for been busy .. we had a great BBQ party at my place last weekend to celebrate after our friends went bald for Hair For Hair. And then unfortunately the hubs fell sick but hopefully he'll recover soon!  But first I want to post my backdated pics from the OMY Singapore Blog Awards held on the 21st July at Singapore Flyer :)
My lovely blogger friends! 
Left to Right MoonberryDblchin and Claire
I chilled out at Moonberry's place behind heading down to the awards and we super tak glam coz we wore slippers until we were like, 2 feet away from the place then we changed into heels! Hahahhaha!
#truestory (Dun say I say)
Saw another familiar face there! Superhero William!
Pretty girls!
The place was PACKED on that weekend afternoon!
We went under the shade to get some respite from the blazing heat! 
And a Coke heehee.....
Saw another friend! Rene with her pretty ombre hair!
Group pic with all the girls!
We had free Flyer passes too :) Thanks Claire for getting it for us! Shooo sweet of u pretty babe!
I love this photo of Poison Ivy!!!! 
With Mr Smith - the only thorn among us roses :p
Stole a quick pic with sweet Sheronism! 
Hello if u're reading this!!! p/s YUSO tall one!!!
With cute Janet who was sooo dead tired from running the event! 
U did well! Hope u have a great rest after! 
Then we were sooo happy to see the photo booth ..........
Take picture! Take picture come take pictureeeeeeee!
BOOMZ! is my favourite invented Singlish word!!!! 
Thank you Ris Low!!!!!
My gal Moonberry here looking all glamorous .. holding the Boomz card....!
Dblchin is the CUTEST pixxie here!!! She's really small and petite in real life! So LOL this pic!!!!!!!
Had a great time chatting with the girls! Hope u see u guys again soon! xo
Pic of me inside! It was TOO surreal! 
Have a great day ahead!

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