Our Girly Bangkok Trip

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hello everyone! 
Like I've said previously I have sooo many pictures backlogged so this is from my Bangkok trip earlier this month with my shortie! As some of you might know that Shortie is my hairstylist and since the salon was closed for renovations : we decide to jet off to Bangkok at about a week's notice!
Booked tickets with Five Star Tours and it was pretty cheap! $400 for 4D3N stay and flight is on Thai Airways :)
Bangkok Day 1
We took the bright and early 740am flight!
We had window seats 
But no TV on this flight so we self-entertain 
Up up and away we go!
Silly Shortie scare to take aeroplane one lor
I love looking out of the windows
Breakfast came and Im impressed! Got porridge one!
Anyway I warn you first k .. 
There are ALOT of self-take pictures coming up! 
My fried rice breakfast!
Lets eat!
I bought a book along with me and Shortie watched her favourite "Running Man" show which was quite a disaster coz she kept laughing to herself like mad woman.
Then there was this two women sitting behind me talking super loudly during the whole 2 hour flight! I totally regret not bringing my earpiece coz I could hear them gossiping about who who who having affair! *Faint* 
p.s They ended up staying in the same hotel with us! Double faintzzz
Luckily it was a short flight and here we are ... BANGKOK!
We have airport transfer included in our package so we need to wait for our transport
Excitedddd to be here!
In the bus already!
We are staying in the p2 Boutique Hotel at the Petchburi Road Pratunam Area which is about 10 mins walk to major shopping areas. But we totally regret not topping up $100 to stay in the new Novotel!!! 
LOL being cheapo is liddat one lor.
Its decent enough but we got there around 10am and they said no rooms until 3pm! Zzzzzzzz.
So we go shopping lor!
Start buying liao!
I think in less than 1 hour we spend dunno how much already
Bought this for 100 baht! But the idiot sales girl face black black plus ask her take new piece she open the drawer and close without checking and got the cheek to tell me NO MORE!
Both of us kena same thing but 100 Baht ($4) we just say ok lor LOL
Finally walk back to the hotel and check in.
Super hot lor!
Room 502
At least it's neat, clean and there is free (although abit siao siao ) WIFI
Toilet spartan but quite clean too (Good)
But we spoke too soon ... coz half an hour into unpacking our bags the air con started DRIPPING!!! Very loudly somemore! Then it was so bad until it kinda flooded. (Bad!) So change rooms!
After the mini drama, we went for dinner nearby coz too tired to go too far kekeke

Everyday order glass noodle coz Shortie's favourite food! Zzzzz.
Tom yum soupppp
Look good but not nice + expensive at around 600++Baht (S$25)
End of Day 1 ... but we are looking forward to Day 2 heehe!
Bangkok Day 2
Woke up bright and early 
My Winnie the Pooh :p
Our new 100 Baht sunglasses!
Went to the famous 4-Face Buddha Erawan Shrine becox Shortie want to go pray 
It was sooo hot and crowded with people coz this is a very popular place!
See! Ang moh also come pray 
Im there coz I need to look after her coconut 
Engaged 'dancers'
Praying to bo pi her son dun be so naughty I think ...... ! ROFL
It was soooo hot so we went Macdonald!
Hello Bangkok!
Much needed Coke
Hot until ~
We take MTR!
Continue our shopping journey!
Went MBK and we doing hair braiding!
We bargain until about 400 baht each LOL
So glam this Shortie
I love it soooo much!
Two of us!
I think this picture look like she kissing me lor 
So I said "Pls go away dun so close to me n pose properly can!"
Lunch at Ajisen ahahhaa
Their Aijisen there soooo cheap! About S$12 for two of us.
And we bring our own Bubble Tea in to drink! They dun care one!
Force Shortie to take cab coz very hot and we also dun wan to walk anymore + alot of shopping very heavy
Back in the room n happy with air con!
Loving my braids!
Two siao char boh
After putting our stuff down we walked to Platinium again!
Every day we came here at least once. #truestory
Buying for our mothers!
Buying for husbands haa
Shortie bought a hat!
My KFC with rice! Tom yum flavor spicy de!
To end the day .. FOOT MASSAGE!
Ahhhhh ... bliss.
We went back to the hotel and knocked out!
Shortie watch her Running Man until she fall asleep
Day 3
Good morning everyoneee!
We have breakfast included with our room but the food abit sad looking...... 
and tea taste weird. 
We self-entertain and laugh at ourselves for being cheapo while imagining we are actually in Novotel Hotel having a great buffet breakfast! 
But at least we eat liao dun have tummy ache. 
Same specs!
Street hawkers
Traditional rice shop
Fruit stall
Sticker hawker! All kinds of stickers!
Yes la Platinium AGAIN :p
This time to the new Platinium which is right below the new Novotel Hotel. We keep saying how we wish we staying there ahahhaha! No need to walk so far everyday!
Went shopping (nothing much) and walked outside 
It was lunch time so there was alot of people buying food from roadsides
Got aircon place we sure walk in
Shortie is an ah lian
Best aircon place in BKK! Very strong!
See? Shortie so happy coz got aircon
Decided to go for lunch
Saw the cutest pink VW parked at the side of the road!
Can park at my house??? So nice!
We decided to have lunch at See Fah
My favourite Thai Iced Tea! 
We regret no eating at A&W though ...........
Walked past this interesting place .. 
Is a salon wall! Full of Polaroids!
We keep on walking (and shopping)
Went back to MBK coz I wanted to buy more cushion covers! #obasan.
We stopped for waffles! Soooo good.
We went to another shop and although they dun sell waffles they actually directed us to the place that does! So sweet of the person. She could have just said they dun have it and she doesnt know where else sells it.
It so so gratifying having a nice drink and warm waffles with your irritating-est girlfriend!
Ok back to business.
We sit there and go through the whole pile of cushion covers! 2 pieces for 100baht! I bought red ones for CNY!
Back to hotel again ...... 
Coz my stuff getting very heavy so we needed to put them down before going out again!
Hahhahaa packing is a bitch
Went out for dinner
Super spicy soup! But I like!
Shortie useless one she cannot take spicy so I drank all the soup
Super tired so we went for full body massage!
Back to the room after massage and chill!
(Notice the weird position of the TV and our bed......)
Prepared to go to bed and check out the next day!
Day 4
Bye bye Bangkok~
On the bus to the airport 
(Bus was abit late but luckily we are still on time for our flight!)
Checking in ......
It was a fun trip!
Shopping in DFS Bangkok Airport
Which one nicer?
Helloooo Thai Airlines!
It was a pretty empty flight and we had 3 seats to ourselves yay! 
But importantly ...........We have TV!
We are happy de lor
What shall we watch???
Getting our headsets ready
Yay! No more listening to other people's weird conversations LOL
I managed to watch 2 TV shows! Shortie watched movie I think
Dinner time
I like Thai Airlines! They are always so polite .
Happy dao
Thanks everyone for tuning in! 
We had a really great + funny + fabulous laugh til death time and its soooo different going on a holiday with your girlfriends instead of your other half! No one complained about shopping LOL!!!
In fact our whole itinerary was built around shopping. :p
Til then,
much love. 
Shortie & me xo

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  1. Hi Elaine have u tried facial at sk2? Wld u recommend them? Or any other places u wild recommend?


  2. Hi Jas!
    yes! I love the facial at SKII so much I signed a package with them previously! But now very expensive wor.. easily cost $200 per facial. My skin condition is relatively good so I go for the most basic (and cheapest ehehe!) facial and it's already $100++ per facial n its package price! So expensive lor I feel. But love the service, the bed and the therapist there :)

  3. im so envious of ur frenships with ur gfs!! i wish i could go holidays with my gfs too but everyone seems to be so busy with work/kids/hubby. doesnt seem like the case with u n ur gfs the bkk trip looks awesome!


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