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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Hello everyone!
As you are reading this I will be in Bangkok already and hopefully the weather will be nice to me becoz I ish really really scare I will become chao tar! Will be slathering on sunblock like nobody business!
Here's some pics from my recent Taipei holiday! 
Taipei Taipei how I love u ...
It was the day after the Typhoon so I was really praying hard that the rain and wind will stop alittle.. 
It was slightly drizzling but nothing too bad so I was pretty thankful!
Checked into the hotel at about 2pm
I really like the Le Meridian :)
We've stayed here before and I find the service impeccable and the rooms are very nice and comfortable.
The bed and pillows always give me the best sleep so I feel extremely rested in the morning!
Not only is the hotel new, - the deco here have a modern twist of carefully placed art pieces in the lobby and rooms.
My walk-in wardrobe!
After settling down we headed out almost immediately!
Searching for the freshest sashimi in XMD coz the hubs saw a TV program with Jacky Wu eating it!
But first..... BEER for him
The presentation was good!
(But not the food! Turns out we went to the wrong restaurant!)
Continued our walk in the rain
His street shots
Luckily I bought my pink Elmo umbrella with me!
Stopped for some FRIED CHICKEN!
The servers were sooo cute! They were half-singing and joking around while taking orders and I was very very impressed with how smiley and friendly they all are in Taipei! One of the reasons we always head back there becoz of the excellent service everywhere :D
And of coz the roadside food stalls in Taipei ROCKED!!!!!
I can eat it all day non-stop!
I dun drink bubble tea much in Singapore but when in Taipei ............
Die die must drink!
It was getting dark
And I got alittle fed-up of the length of my bangs so I decided to get a HAIRCUT!
It was sooooo affordable! NT 450 (S$22) for cut, wash and blow by senior stylist!
And he ever so kindly styled it for me too!
Look at the curls!
It was nearly 8pm then so we went for dinner
In the cab
Headed to Bistro 98 building
Guess which level are we going to?
Mala steamboat!!!!!!
It was CROWDED! But thankfully I had booked us a table in advance :D
It was a buffet and I was so full I cant move after ... but still!
It was still drizzling so it was sooo sooo quiet but I love it!
No crowd no fuss :)
And suddenly ... I saw this!
I bought Hello Kitty SNEAKERS!!!!!!!!!
Look at the soles! #Iwannafaint
This is only a Hello Kitty preview .... to more Hello Kitty UP NEXT!
Take care and do follow me in Twitter @ sugar7733 or Instagram @ sugar73 k! Bye bye! 

Special Shoutout and Thanks to La Volee for their Aaia Asymmetric with Tiers Swing Cami in Nude (Since Sold Out) and Dona Floral Motif Tailored Lace Shorts. 
They are on a hiatus for the moment but will be back soon with more! Im keeping them bookmarked most definitely becoz I truly loved every piece they sent me. Waiting for u xxxx

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