When the Duck Meets Peking

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sometimes I get alittle tired thinking of titles for my posts so I hope you'll pardon the cheesiness! :p
We went to one of our favourite restaurants - Imperial Treasure Peking Duck @ Paragon
I did a small side braid coz braids are so in this summer and I love how they look on long hair or short hair
It was a pretty last minute decision to dine there so we chose to sit outside at the Bubbles Champagne Bar instead.
The star of the night!
The chef deftly skins and layer the duck infront of the patrons which is an awesome experience itself already
Its so YUMMY!
Add some cucumber and onions with duck sauce
Ordered some other dishes - this is braised pork
And the duck fried rice is fantastic! Using the meat from the rest of our Peking Duck, this is even better than the popular Ee-fu duck noodles that people usually choose
I had a satisfying dinner and this is always one place that will never disappoint. :)
Hope everyone will have a great week ahead!

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  1. hi elaine! i love your blog and pictures! can i ask where you got the brown wedges from? they are so pretty! :)


  2. i tried them before and they are really gd! their shark fin soup that is cooked with the shark bone is really gd too! i love the food there!

  3. Hi Sherberriexue! I bought it from Stuart Weitzman in Taka and it was on sale! Still is i think :) Go take a look!

    Thks PrincessMic!
    Yes love the food there! better than crystal jade!


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