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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hello everyone and happy weekend :D
Had a scare this morning with my mum rushing to A&E but thankfully everything is ok now and totally under control. Personally i think tons of people take health for granted and there can be never enough money .. but you only have one body so do take good care of yourself.
Drink more water, stop eating fast food and exercise regularly. Drink alcohol in moderation and try not to smoke! Its really bad for health and frankly Im thankful that I manage to quit it years ago. So if I can do - then anyone can coz Im usually not the most disciplined person around.
Talking about discipline,- Im so proud I got my ass off the couch and went yoga 5x this week alone! And swimming once. I really ought to pick up running coz its really the best cardio workout and almost free! Just invest in a good pair of trainers and u are good to go. No need to pay thousands for a gym membership and almost feel reluctant to run on the treadmill coz its absolutely boring. Running in nature is the best.
You get lotsa of fresh air and I always stop to play with dogs! :D 
Lets go back to HongKong should we?
You can find my Part 1 Here and Part 2 Here :)
- 2nd Day in HongKong-
We woke up bright and early after the late check-in the night before and this being our only clear day in Hongkong (before departing the next day)  so we really had lots to do!
Saw a traffic police!
We stay near the Kowloon Harbor so we usually take the ferry across 
Its so amazingly cheap and one of our most favourite ways to see the beautiful HongKong skyline
Hello Central!
The ferry has been one of the most authentic and historical ways to travel and I totally revel in the experience. 
I find it extremely calming and I enjoy the sea breeze.
The weather wasnt too good in HongKong (likewise in Taipei) but like I've previously mentioned how thankful we are this whole trip coz it didnt rain while we were there! 
There was dark skies all day but no rain! #happy #thankful
We even saw an eagle!!!
Reaching the Central Pier
And soon we are in Central!
Love the murals on the wall! 
Do u see an egg tart, milk tea and tram? Depicting everything HongKong!
Causeway Bay!
Hahaha we always have time for roadside curry fishballs!!!
Tam jiak face again! Faintz.
Street shots
Went to the Cha Chan Teng (cafe) for a much needed milk tea!!! 
The condensed milk bun is sooo HEAVENLY!
Pork chop bun with fries!
Stole a pic 
(got scolded)
Love the vibrancy of Causeway Bay!
Traditional food stall in HongKong where you can see the cooking going on right in front!
Special Thanks to La Volee for their Maia Lace over Lace Fringing Intricate Top in Nude.
They are on a hiatus but will be back soon!  
Break time in HongKong
We started walking coz we have a dimsum date with my good friend and classmate Mandy!
Fu Sing restaurant for dimsum
It was hilarious how I goondu goondu (read: Blur blur) go to the wrong branch and poor Mandy & Andrew got all worried coz we didnt turn up on time!  Turns out we went to the one further down in Wan Chai instead!
Miss my dear friend so much!
So its SOP (Standard Operating Procedure, haha) how they will send us to Yung Kee in Lan Kwai Fong street to quickly run in to buy boxes of century egg coz its the only kind we eat at home and its really the best! We stock up everytime we are in HongKong .... LOL!
Taking the Star Ferry back to Kowloon!
Love taking the ferry coz we always get the most interesting pictures!
Back in Kowloon
Went back to shower and change coz we have a really important dinner date ........
My darling Cindee is also in HongKong for her surprise birthday trip and the best part ..... Lo and behold, we are staying in the SAME HOTEL!!!!!!!!! 
Coincidentally we already have reservations at the Sheraton Oyster for 5 for our own friends who in the end couldnt make it last minute and so when Cin invited us for dinner - we thought, "Heck, lets not waste Oyster Bar" 
So we ALL trooped down for pre-dinner oysters and champagne ~ wooo hoooo! 
Hope u like ur pressie my sweetest friend!
Sara is here too coz Cin's bf flew Sara (Cin's BFF) down to surprise her too! Yes! All the way from Singapore to HongKong! #Luckiestgirl!
So yes.. the reservation for 5 was just PERFECT!
We love the birthday girl!!!
The ambiance was perfect. We had a great view and the selection of oysters was so vast - we almost couldnt decide what to choose!
My pretty girls for the night
Our oysters!
So love!
Adjourned to Central's Armani Aqua for dinner
(Armani Prive's actually the rooftop bar)
Armani Aqua's an Italian-Japanese Fusion restaurant that is so exclusive you probably bump into a HongKong star or two occasionally. Opened in August last year to much fanfare, the Armani Aqua aims to bring about the most exquisite culinary and visual experience to each dining patron. 
We all had a round of champagne courtesy of the kind manager upon knowing its Cindee's birthday!
They even kindly surprised her with a gorgeous dessert!
Happy Birthday Cindee! 
I love you and only wish you nothing but the best in life! Kiss kiss
It tasted as good as its looked!
Hope u thoroughly enjoyed your birthday in HongKong!
Me, Stena, Cindee and Sara
Making a wish
Blowing out the candles
Outside the walkway of the restaurant
We went up to Armani Prive for more champagne!
Ending the birthday celebration with Ruinart Rose no less!
(Ang moh manager at Prive squeeze into the picture with us!!!)
What a fabulous night!
Crazy antics like standing in the middle of the road after bubbly is totally NORMAL! 
The next morning........
A bowl of pork & century egg congee is a fine idea
LOL .. caught the chef toothpicking/flossing or something. 
(I dun want to know actually)
And we headed out again before catching our flight back to Taipei!
Took the MTR this time
I love their MTR! Its clean and fast and efficient!
And it doesnt break down I think ......... :p
Crazy crowded
Reached Mong Kok!
Argyle Street has one of the best street shots!
Aunties checking out their groceries 
Walked to the Sunday market
Roast chicken, duck, goose and pigeons!
Pork seller
Can u guess what these men are doing?
Very engrossed. Got ear piece somemore
HongKong's biggest national past time!
Horse racing! :p
Ok back to market....... hehee.
Saw a guy sending gas on a bicycle! I've seen in shows but not in person!
He is super FIT! We saw him carry the gas so effortlessly!
Vegetable seller
We headed to Portland Street!
HongKong's famous red-light district!
We went there ......
For polo bun!
More street shots
Walking along the street we saw the cutest dog holding his own leash! 
Advertising hell
On the streets of Mong Kok
Too bad I cant read much Chinese! Or else I will buy ALL the tabloid magazines in HongKong!!! 
Hahahhahahah buying curry fishball again! #tamjiak
We headed back the hotel to shower and after checkout we headed to the Sky Lounge for a view of HongKong before we leave!
Love the view
More champagne and oysters!
The skies threatened to rain 
We can see HongKong island from our hotel
Cindee and Sara has a flight to catch back to Singapore so they hopped on the car to the airport!
On the way to the airport
This bridge is sooo beautiful! I always love looking at it when I arrive in HongKong
We are at different terminals so goodbye my dear girls! 
It was such a fun trip! Love u! xoxo
And we are back to check-in on my Hello Kitty flight back to Taipei!!!!!!!!
Hello Kitty air tickets!
Shopping in dutyfree HongKong Disney shop!
Going to take the plane! Yipeeeeeeee~!
I'll post the rest of the pictures next up! 
Here's me going on the flight back to Taipei :D
Have a great week ahead pixxies 

Deb: Hi dear! I live in the east so I go to Updog Studio at Big Splash East Coast Park. You can google the website and take a look at the yoga offered. I do mainly Hot 26 (aka Bikram Yoga) , Hot Hatha & Hatha.
Jing: Hello dear! Depending on which pictures u are referring to? Like the ones in this post are using the Nikon D3S. Pictures are taken by the hubs .. not me! LOL
VeronT: Hello sweets! Hahaha I want to buy another bottle of hairspray too! Finished my first one. But now I trying to use up my Japanese n Tresemme hairspray bottles or else will never finish using! And yes! I found some very nice Chanel earrings!!!! Excited! Want to take proper pics and set up the blogshop but recently bogged down by some personal affairs so no time. Sigh!
Spec: Hi dear! I bought it from LoveMi Shop (here!) but maybe no more stock le! Check out their other stuff while u are there! :D
Yllas: Yessss!!!! I wan to take the plane home!!!! ahahhhahah!!!!!!!
Emma: Im sorry if I offend u but Im not trying to be a good Christian example to anyone. 
Im totally fine of people thinking whatever they want to think of me. Thanks for the concern.
Lin: Thks sweetheart! Got it from Takashimaya Stuart Weitzman! Love them too!
Yllas: Thks dearie!!! Its from Stuart Weitzman! On sale now I think!
Espenine: Whahahahaha yes yes!!!! My hubs also say I very tam jiak pui pui girl!!! :p
Hi: Hope u like my HongKong pics babe!!!!! :D
Additional Note:
While I was typing this post, - I had a sudden call from my family coz my mum condition was worsening so I practically stopped everything here to bring her to the A&E. Time check : Its nearly 2am so Im trying to finish the last bits of this before I head to bed and have a long day tomorrow in the hospital. Thankfully she's fine now and resting so I'll appreciate any kinds thoughts and prayers. Might not have time to check in soon but I reckon I'll still be able post next week. U can still catch me on Twitter @ Sugar7733 so take care everyone!

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  1. Oh dear! Hope everything turns well for your Mum...will pray for her =)

  2. Btw, I really envy you have a good photographer hubby :-) My bf and I always squabble over photography and ongoing...Sigh

  3. Fay Lim: Thank u dearest Fay!
    Hmmm my hubby has 'artist temper' too!!!! Hahaha if he doesnt feel like it, he refuses to take pictures too! Then when the 'mood' comes, ask him dun take he also will take one! Angry lor ahahha coz sometimes weather hot or I very tired then he ask me to pose! My face will black one lor! ahahhahaha :p

  4. Hahaha...So does that means that those "cool cool" pictures are actually you with your black face? :P
    Men! They are really from MARS!!! Sometimes really wearing off my patience...Sigh...Btw how's your Mum now?

  5. Hi Fay!
    WAHAHAHA yes yes sometimes really tired + no mood to smile thats why 'act cool' kekeke.
    Thk u! My mum is good, just got discharged this afternoon. :)


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