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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

[Throwback Girly Lunch Date + Food Pics] Recently Im quite, quite stuck at home - with house renovations and minor repair works going on concurrently. Its been quite a mess (literally) and dealing with the construction workers only makes my head spin. The weather is not helping with the outdoor paint jobs and we almost cant get any work done when its wet. 
The only good thing is that Im finding solace in my ipad readings once again. I subscribe to yoga magazines and even reading yoga articles online is taking my mind off most things. 
Anyways back to happier stuff! I've been missing out on my girly lunches with my dearest girl friends and all these pictures are not helping! 
Throwback Girly Lunch Date at Aoki by Les Amis
A simple and nondescript entrance at Aoki leads to an enticing world of superior Japanese culinary expertise, lead by head chef Kunio Aoki. Like many Michelin-starred restaurants all over the world, Aoki offers easy-on-the-pocket lunch deals so that we can get a piece of heaven at a fraction of dinner prices. With lunch sets starting from $30++, it was in no time that I roped in my girlfriend to try out the amazing food that Aoki is well-known for. 
With my 'date'! My dear Milly :D
Reservations are highly recommended in this small dining restaurant that seats about only 15 customers at the bar counter. There are also tables (well, 3.) and a couple of private rooms but I very much prefer seating at the counter to observe the master at work.
The menu is simple and has an informative list of seasonal items that are available.
There are 4 types of lunch sets available every day but as we took the second lunch seating, I was disappointed to know that the most popular item on the set lunch menu, the Mazechirashi - Sashimi Rice, has been sold out. So I took the Nigiri Sushi Jyo-sen - Assorted Sushi set, instead.
A nice warm towel and hot cup of green tea before you start your meal is so comforting and in addition I like having a towel as I usually use my fingers to eat sushi, so I need one to clean my hands in between.
I had the middle counter seats to my delight as I could watch Head executive chef Kunio Aoki in action. 
I also like how quiet he is and doesnt talk incessantly, He is polite, no doubt and will occasionally smile at us but its almost rare to hear him speak more than 3 sentences (haha!) Perfect as there is minimal noise and chatter from the sushi counter enabling us girls to have an intimate lunch date with each other.
The first cold dish is a Otoshi - appetizer which is a small bowl of chilled vegetables with shredded bonito flakes. 
Our sets included a side of salad tossed in a light Japanese citrus-y dressing that isn't so heavy to the palate.
We also ordered an extra order of sashimi for two people and when it arrived, it was such a delight to look at.
Like a work of art.
Another must-try at Aoki is the Truffle Chawanmushi which would not disappoint a truffle-lover. Shaved white truffle covers the whole surface of the chawanmushi and with every bite, you get the aroma of the truffle oozing within the warm custard-ly mix of egg, prawns and mushrooms. 
My Nigiri Sushi Jyo-sen is an assortment of five sushi pieces, two tamago (egg) and two maki rolls.
I prefer to eat my Tamago last as its usually very sweet and acts to end off the meal in form of a 'dessert'.
The Ikura sushi was bursting with flavor and was impossibly fresh. 
We also saved the best for last - the Otoro (Tuna Belly) sashimi was so fatty, it melted in our mouths!
Look at the amount of wasabi Milly eats! LOL.
Im comforted to know that Aoki uses freshly grated wasabi (they ought to!) as it really makes a world of a difference when pairing it with sashimi!
Lastly, we each have a trio of Japanese desserts which included Green tea ice-cream (one of my favorites!) , a silky smooth beancurd and lastly a Ume (plum) infused jelly which I personally liked but Milly didnt quite enjoy.
Aoki by Les Amis is a great place for business lunches, an intimate date, or simply to enjoy quality food with a close girlfriend but the prices can sky rocket (especially if you're two gluttons like us who will give anyhing for fresh sashimi!) 
I really enjoyed our lunch date but most of all I enjoyed my darling's company!
Headed to Hyatt for martinis (yes in the afternoon) and more girly gossip!
So surprised this Milly bought me pressies from her recent trip oversease! 
Love ya girl and thank u so much for lunchie! xoxoxoxo
"There's certain people who make the world a better place just by being in it - and you're one of them."
Hope you enjoyed my little post! 
Back to reading yoga articles ~ xoxoxo
back soon! xo
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