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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hi everyone! Hows the weekend treating u so far? Im still in Seoul, its gonna be my last day here before I fly back to Singapore and how fast time has passed! Its been 5 days here and I have been enjoying the cold weather and the kimchi (haha) here so far! Actually to be frank, I love the beer-mix-soju even MORE! Its like the most shiok thing that I have drank la, and I dun even drink beer. 3 shots of soju in the beer confirm better than drinking one bottle of wine. And amazingly almost all the ladies in Korea drink beer at mealtimes ~but YUSO thin still ah?????? And the meat. OMG the beef the pork~ every meal is meat meat meat. I think I eat more beef in these past few days than a whole month back home (I dun choose to eat beef usually back in Singapore, I prefer chicken, or fish. Or just gimme alcohol, kekeke.) 
The makeup here is aaaaa-mazingggg but we have so many Korea brands already in Sinagpore that Im quite desensitized leh. TheFaceShop, Innisfree, Toocoolforschool, EtudeHouse.. all we have, please. But wait. I found 3CE and StyleNanda like finally!!! And best part, I was just randomly walking and then I saw a crowd.. the rest they say, - is history.
Playing around with makeup and having coffee with macarons in winter without leaving the room seems like the best thing that ever happened to me all week. We changed a couple of hotels to experience different locations and currently Westin Chosun is by far the best with a great location! My room faces Myeongdong Shopping Street and its literally a stone throw away to everywhere. Love love love~! They give macarons for turndown service too! Did I also mention that all the rooms here have a nespresso machine. 
I love you, Westin.
p.s New schedule post at 12pm later, do check back soon!
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