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Saturday, January 18, 2014

[Hair] Hi guys! So late last year I decided that I wanted to change my hair color from my usual pinks-reds-purples to something brighter and more BOOMZ! 
So I turned BLOND ~
But I hate black roots so I needed to do something about it!
My stylist, Essensuals Bugis Director Bryan wanted to darken my hair color a little more so he mixed the new Wella Illumina Color - a new hair dye by Wella that promises sheer color that's luminous in every kind of light and superior Light Reflection and Protection. 
Slicked back look
The Wella Illumina dye totally did not feel prickly on my scalp, nor does it have a super strong ammonia smell like most hair dyes.
Now Im all rinsed off and sitting in the alien machine (also known as hair treatment)
Im trying to capture the STEAM here ahahahha! 
Cannot see steam but actually it was all around me!
The two kind assistants then rinsed off the treatment and proceeded to blow my hair 
Bryan comes to cut my fringes and trim off some length for a slightly shorter style this time
My Ash Blond (Bryan calls its Lao Sai Green hair ahahahhaha!) WTH
Thank youuuu Bryan and Essensuals Bugis for making me a blondie again! I had my hair washed and blown while I was in Korea and China on holiday and all the stylists was raving about the color! #Truestory. 
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