Allure Signature Eyebrow Embroidery Review

Sunday, January 26, 2014

[Review] Hello everyone! 
If you have been following me in Instagram (@Sugar73) ~ perhaps you have realized that I did something to 'enhance' my looks. Haha, not exactly with surgery, though! 
Allure Beauty Allure Signature Eyebrow Review
What is Eyebrow Embroidery? 
Unlike eyebrow tattoos, Eyebrow Embroidery is semi-permanent and can last up to two years (or more). By adding colored pigment (usually grey/brown shades) to the skin, this technique fills in empty spots on your brows to give them a full and flawless look. With a feathering technique using a blade, this procedure can produce a natural look since it uses pigments perfectly matched to your actual eyebrow color. After tracing out the area where the desired brow should be, the entire area is filled in with hair-like pigments. (source)
I was contemplating doing something to my eyebrows for the LONGEST TIME! I have naturally arched eyebrows that have been plucked, threaded and shaved to death - resulting in an extremely thin eyebrow shape with some bald patches. And not only are my eyebrows sparse, they were also quite uneven. So if you looked really carefully at my eyebrows, they were not symmetrical. 
Can Eyebrow Embroidery help?
Eyebrow embroidery can be done on anyone (male and females) but it is usually meant for people with thinning eyebrows, bald spots in their brows or people who have over-plucked. Eventually, brow hair stops growing back so if you plucked away your shape in a desperate attempt to achieve the once-stylish super thin brows, eyebrow embroidery could be the solution for you. Eyebrow embroidery is also great for thickening existing eyebrows or darkening them and making them more apparent.
When I arrived at Allure Beauty in Tiong Bahru Plaza, I was nervous! What if it doesnt turn out nice? What if its all crooked and visible from afar? What if...what if..??! Thankfully my therapist that day was the extremely experienced and friendly Salon Director Joey who reassured that she will not start the procedure until I am fully satisfied with my brow shape. 
I arrived at the salon with unplucked eyebrows as I wanted Joey to analyse my features as well as my natural brow shape before designing new brows for me. She first proceeded to neaten my eyebrows while explaining to me the procedures of Allure Signature Eyebrow Embroidery, leaving me much at ease with her patience and skills. I also found out that Joey had recently done 88.3 JIA FM DJ Angel's eyebrows and was even invited on radio to speak about Eyebrow Embroidery! With over 10 years of experience under her belt, I am in safe hands most definitely!
Here below are my natural eyebrows, trimmed and un-drawn. Personally, I dun like the arches on my eyebrows as I find that it looks old-fashioned and fierce. And its toooo thin! Im so tired drawing and filling my eyebrows on a daily basis.
Unlike some beauty salons who will first draw your eyebrows, followed by numbing cream. Allure Beauty chooses to apply numbing cream BEFORE eyebrow shape consultation. 
The numbing cream takes about 15-20 minutes to have effect, so do lie back and relax in the meantime. Joey also takes this opportunity to get to know what kind of eyebrow shape that I would prefer and she showed me some of the designs that she thinks is suitable for me. 
After removing the numbing cream, its time to draw my eyebrows!
Joey uses a dark grey pencil to draw and fill in my eyebrows, and only after making that I am 101% happy with the shape and thickness that we proceed to do the Eyebrow embroidery in the comfort of a private room.
For privacy and comfort level of customers, the Embroidery process will be done in a private room with the customer lying down. However, I did sit up a couple of times to allow Joey to check on my brows to make sure that everything is as symmetrical as possible.  
During Allure Signature Eyebrow Embroidery Process
I took this picture below with my Iphone coz my friend was asking me what I was doing! LOLOLOL Hows my eyebrow shape looking?! Nice?? Hehehe~!
At Allure Beauty, each Embroidery session is done with a fresh new blade and thrown away after each use. There is no recycling or 'keeping' of blades for these will rust after time. I read about salons asking customers to keep their own blades for their touch-up session, or even demand that customers pay for new blades and Im quite, quite horrified la! 
Joey mixes Embroidery dye for each customer personally and through our conversation, I had stated that I would not prefer the color Brown as seen on most people who undergo the eyebrow embroidery because although Brown looks most natural, they tend to fade off to a reddish-tone which I dun go for. And also because my natural hair color is extremely dark, Joey proceeds to choose a shade of grayish-brown for me to mimic and blend with my natural eyebrow hair color as the same time. 
There was almost ZERO pain due to the numbing cream so if you have a low threshold of pain - Do not worry! I could feel some sensation but it wasn't any pain or much redness at all!
 I was also given a tube of Soothing Cream to apply on my eyebrows 3-5 times daily to keep my skin moist and to protect the color while the skin heals.
What you do think of my eyebrows now???
Thank you Allure Beauty, my therapist Director Joey and dear Mistical for being there and doing such a great job on my Allure Signature Eyebrow Embroidery! Joey also advised me to make an appointment about a month later for my touch-up session, as our skin naturally renews after around 28 days :)
Immediately After
These pictures below were taken when I got home after my Embroidery session and I know how some people say that their eyebrows looked soooo dark and scary.. but I actually LOVED how mine looked right after!
Can you see the 'strokes' on my brows?? 
Commonly Asked Questions
How is eyebrow embroidery done?
Eyebrow embroidery is done using a small blade to cut very small pieces of the top of layer of the skin away and apply the new color in its place. 
Is it painful?
Due to the numbing cream that you apply before the procedure, you might feel a slight scrapping or discomfort during the process. There will also be another round of 'numbing' (as the initial numbing sensation might wear off) ~ so just speak up if you feel any pain during the embroidery session.
Is it safe?
Yes! At Allure Beauty, they take pride in their utmost hygiene level and insist that all tools used are completely sterile to avoid infection. Allure Beauty also use a brand new blade for each customer. My therapist wore gloves during the whole embroidery process.
How long does it take?
My session took around 3 hours! Joey was very detailed and careful and we took it slow and steady! She was very patient and kept on checking on the shape of my brows during the process. 
How do I look after my newly-embroidered eyebrows?
- Wash your face carefully after with a mild facial wash
- Apply soothing cream 3-5 times daily for a week to prevent infection of the wound and for the color to set. 
- Try to avoid water for a week. Eg. Swimming, Suana and Steaming.
- Do not apply whitening products over eyebrows.
- Do not rub or scrub affected area. 
- Do not peel skin or scratch skin.
Must I go for a touch-up?
Yes, as this is only the first step for the perfect set of brows and it is necessary to return to the salon for another touch-up session after the initial color from your first session fades off.
In the meantime .........
I took some pictures to keep track of my healing process!
Fortunately I have very very little scabbing (must apply soothing cream diligently arh!) 
And even some of the color faded (before my scheduled 2nd touch-up session) - everything still looked great even without makeup!
These are non-edited, zero filter and no makeup pictures below!
I dun draw my eyebrows now unless Im going out in full makeup, then I would just touch up with some eyebrow powder :)
See the Difference
These were taken on the same day! 
Can you see the difference my eyebrow shape made?
Overall, I really loved how my eyebrows turned out and its so fuss-free now. I dun need to fill in my brows as much as before and I like my new eyebrow shape, too! I also had such a great time talking to Joey throughout the whole session! She struck me as someone who is passionate and takes pride in her work so I was very assured that everything would turn out great. Frankly, I had a bad previous experience with a very well-known salon in Bishan a long time ago and the procedure was so hastily done and painful, I didnt even make it back for the touch-up session even though it as all paid-for. Thankfully, the process at Allure Beauty was almost painless and so far the healing process is great too. That is why I only decided to only write this almost 3 weeks later as I wanted to observe how my eyebrow embroidery turned out. I will edit and update this post again after I go for my touch-up session okies! :D
Thanks everyone for dropping by, once again! 
Hope I answered some of your questions on Eyebrow Embroidery! Do let me know if you wanna know more, k! Love ~ xo
Back soon! Have a great start to the week, guys!
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For more information, please head to :
Allure Beauty Website :
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Allure Beauty Service and Prices  

Price List : 
Basic eyebrow starts from $198 (before GST) for senior therapist
Eyebrow combination starts from $380 (before GST) for senior therapist
Creative Eyebrow starts from $600 (before GST) for senior therapist
Allure Signature eyebrow starts from $1,380 (before GST) for senior therapist
Angelic brows starts from $2,500 (before GST) for senior therapist  
I did the Allure Signature Eyebrow and this service would cost $1,880 by a Director with 01 Free Touch-up (one month later) and another 01 Free Touch-up within one year. 
* Just a note : Directors does not perform Basic and Eyebrow Combination at Allure Beauty, only from Creative Eyebrow embroidery services and onwards.
Hope this helps! xo
Allure Beauty is at 
Tiong Bahru Plaza
302 Tiong Bahru Road, #05-04A
Near Tiong Bahru MRT Station
West Mall
1 Bukit Batok Central Link, #04-10
West Mall. S(659713)
Near Bukit Batok MRT Station
City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road #03-29/30
Near Farrer Park MRT Station

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  1. Heeeeey I love the end result! It definitely looks natural and pretty <3 heheeheh. I am a total scaridy cat when it comes to pain. So I'm glad that the numbing cream worked out for you.

    Thanks for the review!!! Hope we can keep in touch via GFC and Instagram,

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | Perfect Eyebrows: Long-Lasting 24 hours!

  2. Hey,
    I loooove your new brows and how your face got some new look! :) For now,i'm using to "paint" with eye shadows my brows, but maybe in the future,I'll consider of going to some professional salon to do the same as you! Thanks for the post :)
    Greetings from Europe! :)

  3. Very nice, Elaine! It was worth all effort you've put into it. The shape is drawn perfectly that it enhances the shape of your eyes, and it looks very natural that it complements your face even without makeup. It looks really great on you! [ageless]

  4. Hi :) Can I ask does the color clump together after awhile? :)

  5. Hello Xuan! Color doesnt clump :) Fade abit but never clumps

  6. Hi babe, may I know what is the different between the Basic eyebrow & Allure Signature eyebrow? It does the same technique? just that different eyebrow style iszit? (:

  7. Hello! If Im not wrong I think it refers to the different eyebrow embroidery technique used. :)
    Look for Director Joey, though! I know her charges are alittle on the high side - but my friends that go to her all have very good results and aftercare services. ;D

  8. I've been crazily obsessed about eyebrow embroidery. Like you, mine's also pretty thin and it's tiring to draw it every single morning... I really like the result on you, new eyebrows look amazing, girl! :) You also have such a beautiful skin :) xx

  9. Hi where did u do your eyelash extensions in this post? It is very beautiful. Thanks

  10. Thks Anon!!! :)

    Rach hello! I do my eyelash extensions at Millys

    U can quote my name when u make appt ya :D

  11. I love your post! This is great info. Thank you dear for sharing :)
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  12. Hi, I hope you have a good day. Thank you for inspiring us. You bring joy to our face.Visit my site if you have time.



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