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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hi guys! Im terribly sorry for being away ~ I was actually in SwaTow, China to visit my hubby's relatives before Chinese New Year comes along!
At the Floating Bridge
In addition, my website's also blocked in China (all @Blogspot websites are, along with Facebook & Twitter) so I could hardly update while I was there. 
Speaking of Swatow, this trip did open my eyes to so many things ~ things that I cannot possibly imagine! Now, thinking back... I am grateful for my grandparents for making the decision to travel long and far to a new place (then) called Singapore .. a place that we now currently call "home". When I was in Swatow, we visited my hubby's ancestral village and its totally like what I've seen on TV. The ancestral hall 祠堂, looked like a backdrop from the movies and everything was so well-preserved, it was amazing. It felt surreal.
I came back with an appreciation for our culture and I think its something that we should not forget. Singapore is so nice and clean and we take so many things for granted. Although we are all modernized and living in a first world country now, I think we shouldn't forget our Chinese roots because we all, are but the same.
So many mixed feelings. 
"Family : like branches on a tree, - we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one."
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