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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

[Nails] Hello everyone and once again ~ Happy 2014!
How's your year coming along? As we get into January, Im excited what the Horse year will bring. I love Horses and hopefully this year will be better than the last. 
"You only live once, but if you do it right - Once is enough." 
With that in mind ~ I started off my new year with newly manicured nails and with a design that I am truly, fanatically in LOVE with. Its black, its bling and its CHROME HEARTS. 
What is Chrome Hearts?
Chrome Hearts is an American luxury brand, founded in 1988 by motorcycle enthusiast Richard Stark, that specializes in high-end  jewelry, leather, cashmere clothing and ebony wood furniture with gothic and punk rock motifs. It is known for its jewelry items which feature fleur-de-lys, dagger and floral cross designs. They offer sunglasses and clothing with their signature designs. All items are made in Hollywood, USA. There are Chrome Hearts boutiques in: United States (first opened in New York 1996), Japan, Hong Kong, Paris, London, Taipei and Seoul. - source wiki.
These are my old 6 and a half weeks My Little Pony Gelish nails! They still look almost perfect until I broke my nail during the NYE countdown (and I dun even remember what happened, haha!) so it was great timing and an excuse to get them done for the new year.
My regular manicurist Corine at Milly's - Hair Lashes Nails (Bugis Branch) is carefully removing my Gelish by soaking them off with acetone and then buffing them to remove all traces of old Gelish polish. She then proceeds to trim dead skin and cut my cuticles.
Its not tedious at all and pretty fast.
I currently have natural mid-length nails but I decided to cut them a little shorter and go Square shaped this time round.
I alternate between Square and Oval nail shapes depending on design.
I also decided to do Hard Gel instead of Gelish which costs alittle more, but they tend to last longer. Gelish nails last an average of 3-4 weeks, and Hard Gel nails can easily last 1-2 months if you are really careful. 
Milly's has a variety of blings and designs so do check them out if you are there!
I love Black, bling and skulls and actually Im very into the Gothic black swagger kind of look so black nails are my ultimate love. They might not be very suitable for the upcoming Chinese New Year, so Im doing it for ang moh New Year instead! Can right!
Finally .....
Thank you once again Milly's Hair Lash Nails for the great work and its so trendy now, everyone seems to be really into Chrome Heart Nails at the moment! I can't start to explain how having perfectly groomed nails means so much to me - No matter how perfect your makeup is, or how pretty your clothes are.. if you have horrid nails, everything else goes down the drain! Sometimes I wish my nails last forever so I dun have to do them all the time but then again, how would I have an excuse to change designs then? Hehehe! And I've booked my CNY nail slots already so just a gentle reminder for everyone so do so in case the nail salons get busy soon! 
Hope you enjoyed the pictures and have a fabulous start of 2014, everyone! xoxoxoxo
Back soon.
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  1. your ring matches your nails!!! how much is the gellish nails

  2. Hello dear LittleTinySun!
    Thanks and my nails are about $70 for Hard Gel and another $70 for the design. It also depends on the amount of diamonds that u want so this is a rough gauge. :)
    For more information, do feel free to whatsapp or call the number that I have provided.


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