Dinner at 1-Twenty-Six with Dii

Thursday, January 16, 2014

[Food] Hello everyone! Two weeks into the new year! How is everyone? I just came back from a short trip to Swatow, China [See previous short post] and currently Im kinda busy with home reno (yes.. again. The unfinished work + touch-ups from last year! Arghhh.) and right now beauty blogger events are picking up again so I better start posting a hell lot more to clear all my pictures! I love taking pictures coz these are such wonderful memories and Im glad to have crazy friends who would not only patiently wait for me to take pics ... sometimes they HELP me take peektures too! Tee hee hee~!
Had a nice and private dinner at 1-Twent-Six East Coast with my forever-love Lesbo partner!
For starters ... BUBBLY! #alcoholics
We couldnt not order oysters when we see them on the menu! Totally rad and reminiscing of our previous trip to HongKong last year when we dined at Sheraton's Oyster and Wine Bar!
Cheers my love!
The two of us actually ordered the same thing - Aglio uni pasta for our mains, and its not exactly the first time we did this! We are always either buying the same things.. or liking same bags! Its hilarious!
We did have a blast at 1-Twenty-Six and although the menu is small, food portions were reasonably good and quite fresh. And I really have to commend the lovely service from the staff there! They were so friendly, humorous and accommodating. Our glasses were never left empty and they topped up our Moet whenever it was running low! I loved the alfresco area, although it was a tad dark for pictures (evident from my photos here) - but still, quite a romantic place for dinner and drinks. Dress light and ask for insect repellent, though!
Lastly ....
Love ya to the moon and back @xwendiikenx #lesbolove 
Forever & ever ~ rainbows//unicorns//black : skulls// xx
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Working on another post! 
Have you done your CNY shopping, yet? Im doing mine all online this year! Yay to internet shopping~!
Back soon! xo
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