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Thursday, January 23, 2014

[Holistic Skincare and Bodycare] Hello everyone! Hows the week coming along? One of my resolutions for 2014 is to eat less meat, workout more often and drink less champagne. Haha, Im kidding about the last one. Actually, I have been meaning to explore organic and holistic alternatives to skincare and bodycare personally. Although I know that as a beauty blogger, its almost impossible to stop using mainstream brands as part of the job - but perhaps I need to put more thought into what Im using on myself and for my family.
SHEA - Pamper Your Body 
SHEA - this little gem of a shop tucked next to the popular soba restaurant Tamoya Udon in Liang Court (along Uniqlo) had me captivated the moment I stepped into the lush wonderland.
As I briefly looked at the array of products placed neatly on the shelves - my heart grew with anticipation. Why, this is such a playground for beauty bloggers like me!
Lines of delicious candles and pure essential oils ...
To soaps, burners and bath products~
This is a CANDYLAND!
SHEA carries international brands that I have not seen locally before so I couldnt help but to start touching, feeling and smelling everything that caught my eye! (Which was about 24346 items in the shop lololol) 
I also had a great session with the extremely friendly and knowledgeable owner, Mr Jagdeep who personally gave me so much insight on the products and ingredients that each item has and also on the history of the brands that SHEA carries. 
As there are too many items and products in the store for me to list individually, Im going to mention the memorable ones that I personally like and picked out from the range of brands that SHEA carries.
Saadia Organics Pure Argan Oil
Argan Oil is known as nature’s ultimate anti-aging product. It is extremely high in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, sterols, polyphenols, and carotenoids. 
Seaweed Bath & Co
A brand from the USA that is a fantastic body & hair care product line specially for people with eczema, psoriasis and for gentle skin types.
You're Gorgeous Handmade Bath Soaps
You're Gorgeous is a producer of luxury natural handmade soap made by the traditional cold process method. You're Gorgeous wanted their natural handmade soap to be as pure and authentic as possible, soap-making from scratch from fine plant oils and extracts, botanicals, organic ingredients, aromatherapy blends and essential oils. 
I love these SOAPS! 
These organic hand-made soaps smell and look so amazing, I couldnt help but get for myself! (More on it later)
Bomb Cosmetics
 Established in UK over 14 years ago from humble beginnings, Bomb Cosmetics sported just a few lovingly crafted Bath Blasters, - but now export a proudly British and varied product range all around the globe, to over 45 countries. Why not make your beauty regime a little more beautiful?
These are called "Little Hotties" - which is a personalized Home Fragrance Melters that you can pick and choose to create your own individual fragrance at home! 
Don't they look delicious!
Bomb Cosmetics also has this 'Cake Soap' which is not exactly cake ... but soap!
I was also attracted to the rainbow colors of these Shower Soaps ~ which is a unique blend of both soap and bath foam in a single pack! 
 They are deliciously fragrant shower soaps to moisturize and leave you sweetly scented, with essential oils to allow you to massage and exfoliate your skin with an amazingly long lasting fragrance. 
Or if you have a bathtub at home, maybe you can try their famous 'Bath Blasters' which looks like a cupcake but is meant for a bath! Simply drop a Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blaster into a bath of warm water and watch as it fizzes, releasing its perfume and essential oils, while the Bicarbonate of Soda softens the water. Rinse bath well after use. 
Bomb Cosmetics also have a good range of body lotions, face wash and scrubs for different skin types using a combination of essential oils.
I am so in love with their use of natural ingredients and these are all lovingly handmade! In addition, they are against animal-testing. LOVE!
There are pretty Gift Sets available at SHEA and Im actually quite sad that I did not discover them earlier as these make perfect pressies to my dearest girlfriends for Christmas! I also like how the brands are not commonly found in stores locally, so I'll be quite sure that no one buys the same gifts as me!
Hauls from SHEA 
So . what did I get in the end?
I actually went back twice to get more items! They were having a sale and I couldnt resist! I can't find my receipt at the moment so I'll post the prices of the items that I bought once I do.
They look so pretty ...... sigh ~ Now I am lemming for more!
Little Hottie Wax Melts
I like burning fragrances at home so I found this quite unique. Simply place the scent of your choice in the burner (Dun need to add water) and let it melt to infuse your room with your personalized fragrance! 

The shape and colors are so pretty too!
Paradise Lost Shower Butter
Another unique innovation by Bomb Cosmetics, this Shower Butter leaves a thin film of pure butter and essential oils on your cleansed skin after your shower. The smell is also amazing! I love how the scent of coconut and cocoa are infused into my dry skin but beware as it might feel alittle oily (which will go away in a couple of hours) I have never used such an item before, but I really like how moisturized and soft my skin feels after!
French Kiss Clay Mask
Clay Masks are great for deep-cleansing pores and these come with natural ingredients like Rosemary and Geranium. Simply apply to skin and rinse off. This left my skin feeling clean and purified. Personal Tip for Clay Masks : Do not leave it on for too long, wait til its almost dry and rinse off. 
Rosy Cheek Face Scrub
I have rather sensitive skin so this is perfect for me. The Rosy Cheeks Face Scrub has such fine granules that it did not irritate my skin, but left it feeling moisturized and clean. I use it 1-2x a week, concentrating on my T-zone to slough dead skin gently before using a hydrating mask. 
Sunkissed Shimmer Body Butter
One of my favorite products!
Made with 30% pure SHea Butter, this Bomb Cosmetics Body Butter has shimmers in it and it left my skin feeling soft and smelling delicious! I love the glitter and it makes me feel like partying! Great when you want to show some skin, coz these made my skin look and feel so nice!
*Zero edit : Look at the GLITTER! Might be a tad overwhelming for day, but use it on exposed shoulders and legs for a sexy night out! Perfect!
You're Gorgeous Rose Butter Soap
I cant resist anything ROSE! These handmade ones come with real dried roses! And they smell like heaven! One bar can last really long (so I heard) and in the meantime while I try to finish my current soap, these are in my cupboard acting as a natural air freshener! Now my drawers smell soooo goood! I'll try to update once I give this a go :)
One last look at my lovely items from SHEA!
Thanks for the lovely invitation SHEA, I would love to be back and try out more items soon!
*Edited to add : I paid $9.90 (U.P $19.90 before the discount they had that day) for the Little Hotties Melts and $14 for the Skin Therapy Shower Butter. The French Kiss Clay Mask was $17.50. The rest was kindly sponsored by SHEA for this review. 
For more information, please head to :
SHEA Website :
All items and prices can be found in and there is free delivery for all purchases above $80. 
Do drop by SHEA - Pamper Your Body soon!
#01-33 Liang Court, River Valley Road
B2-47 Orchard Central, Orchard Road
Thanks for dropping by! 
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