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Thursday, January 30, 2014

[Online Shopping] Hi guys! First up .. HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!
How is everybody doing during this festive period? Have you been so busy that you just cant wait for Chinese New Year to be over? Personally for me - I love the holiday period and I love CNY, though! Although I reaaaaally dread the spring cleaning part (I always find that I have too many clothes for my own good) I love the pigging out part! All the delicious kuehs, cakes and bak kwa ~ zomg! I love them all!!! And actually I do like visiting my relatives la, although they always ask me the same question,"WHEN YOU ALL WANT TO HAVE BABY ARHHH." [Insert kpo look] Dun tell me you all married ones never kena ok. All of us will kena some funny questions from time to time right. 
Anyways, I talk too much alreadyyyyyy.
Wanted to show you guys my most recent haul *SNEAK PEEK* from THREEFLOORS!
I've always loved the dresses from THREEFLOOR but they are outrageously expensive ~ le sigh. And unfortunately there are so many inspired-looking THREEFLOOR dresses out there, at a much, much cheaper price. So being the miser me, I succumbed to buying an inspired piece when my friend bought one and showed me the link. I waited nearly 3 months for that inspired piece #truestory and in the end when it came, it looked alright, but the cutting was waaaay off. Good for stick-thin people, but Im short and curvy so the el cheapo lace material was hugging me in all the wrong places. BIG SIGH.
So ... disappointed with my 'inspired' buy - I mustered up the courage (and closed my eyes during check-out) to buy the original.
I got it from the THREEFLOOR website : 
(This is NOT an ad, although I wish it was!) 
Their clothes are so lovely! Not all, but the ones that are, are pretty outstanding. Maybe thats also why they are so immensely popular now.
The shipment came pretty quick, around 3 working days from time of purchase.
The box that arrived was in light pinkish/lilac tone but it was slightly dented at the corners.
Upon opening the box, I realized that they also gave a THREEFLOOR recyclable bag together with my dress. Not bad, can put groceries in next time. LOL
Lets take a LOOK!
The details so gorgeous!
The label
There's also a clothing tag that can be easily snipped off before wearing, but perhaps they wanted to deter people from wearing it and returning thats why the tag is in such a conspicuous area!
My dress is called the Back to Black Dress and it looks something like this below (on model) But model soooo skinny so I was afraid that I would look like bak zhang/ rice dumpling in it!
Details Embellished with placement lace overlay on a non-transparent nude base, this dress gives tasteful illusion. Features include; Faux croc leather contrasts, front skirt slits, lace peplum and grosgrain waistband. A clear winner for a special occasion.
Here's a size chart from THREEFLOOR for your reference. Im 5'2 (158cm and usually wear a size XS or S so I took a gamble and choose the UK 8/US 4/XS.) It fits me perfectly! And its not too short, too.
I'll be wearing it for during the CNY holidays (i not pantang black color, just not on first day la.. lol) so hopefully I'll have the chance to post a LOTD picture in instagram or something! 
Hope you enjoyed the pics!
Back real soon, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
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