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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[Online Shopping] Oh hi! Sorry for being away for what seems like a week - if you have read my previous post, I was kinda busy with my Detox Yoga Program that I had recently signed up for! So.. I had really early morning yoga classes everyday for a week and on top of that, I was on a Juice Cleanse! Yes... me! No food! LOL. Actually as I was on the Detox program, I also wanted to de-clutter my life and detox from social media. So I shut off my laptop and tried to keep my presence online as little as possible! Its not easy.. thats all Im saying! I'll write more about my Detox program and Juice Cleanse soon. Apologies for not answering tags and comments, though! 
Back to my Babyliss Big Hair post! This is not an ad! Haha, sometimes I really like to just post about the things that I like .. and buy online! Oops! Im such a shopaholic I admit, but this year - one of my resolutions is to stop anyhowly buying! If its cheap .. it doesnt mean I must buy it. If its expensive, it doesnt mean I can't buy it. I just have to justify buying stuff. Its really no point buying things that I would use once or twice and dump it aside. And if its expensive but Im sure that I will use it frequently.. then I must source for cheaper alternatives if possible. *laughs* 
So when I first saw Babyliss products online, (Im sure you have seen this super popular Mira-Curl curler) I was intrigued. But frankly I didnt like the curls that the Mira-curl gave, and would really rather use my trusty old curling tongs for a style that I was used to. Then I cut my hair short right. And I realized that my curling tongs were a little tricky to use on short hair. I wanted something else. Something easy to use. Something to give me gorgeous hair! Who doesnt want nice hair!
 In the meantime... I came across this. 
Check the video out wor!
I became so enticed with the thought of having salon-styled hair at home .. I think I must have watched the video at least 20 times ahahahha!
But Babyliss products are SUPER EXPENSIVE.. I mean they easily retail over S$200-300 and Im not even sure if they work as well as they look. So I decided to scout the net for cheaper alternatives and although I will not be disclosing where I bought my set, its really very easy to look for it on Qoo10.
There were merchants selling it for S$89.90 to even S$99.90 but I would advise you to be patient and read the reviews carefully before you hand your money over to another stranger. Sometimes they have flash sales too and prices can drop anything from 10-20% suddenly! I was fortunate to browse afew sites and finally I took the plunge and got my Babyliss Big Hair 50mm for S$69.90. (inclusive of shipping)
I did quite alot of research (Im quite the digger if I want to haha!) and I came to a conclusion that my set from Qoo10 might be a fake simply because its quite cheap. But I dun care la. Hair styler only! As long as it doesnt blow up like counterfeit China-made Iphone battery packs.. real one fake one also can la! 
The delivery was smooth enough and arrived in about 10 days (due to Chinese New Year)
The box looked quite nice and new in fact, there was absolutely nil damages or hardly any scratches on the box. The instructions was in both English and Korea, though. (Babyliss is originally from UK)
The BaByliss New Big Hair has an iconic rotating brush to add dramatic volume and shine to styles and replicate a salon-perfect blow-dry at home. The large ceramic barrel adds fullness and body whilst the soft mixture of natural boar and nylon bristles create ultimate smoothness and shine. The super ionic conditioning leaves hair with a frizz-free, high shine finish.
The styler itself is light but bulky and is thicker than a traditional hair curler.
There are two heat settings (including cool air)
It looks sturdy and quite nice, actually.. like a huge hair brush with a wire attached.
Warnings are in Korean and (I think they say) its do not go near the shower or drop the styler in water. Coz it comes with some diagrams hahaha so I guessed tats what it is.
Unfortunately the website did not state that the plug pin is as such (below) and I needed an adapter to use it locally. Edited to add : I use TWO adapters plugged into each other for it to work~ lol.
Removing the purple outer brush cover, the Babyliss Big Hair styling brush feels firm but soft to the touch. There are several air vents for hot air to simultaneously dry hair as you rotate the brush head while going through your hair. 
The Test 
Although there was a manual included with the set, Im telling you that the first time is not going to be EASY! Its not difficult, dun get me wrong - but its very different from a hair dryer and a hair curling tong. Its more like a hair brush (rotating one at that, ) with hot air blowing. Be careful not to burn yourself as the heat can get quite near to skin and its really HOT! Be careful not to burn yourself!
Steps :
1. Apply heat protectant on hair.
2. Dry your hair to about 70% dry. 
3. Turn on the Babyliss Big Hair air styler by pushing the heat setting button.
4. Brush style through hair while rotating hair styler in opposite direction 
Tips :
For added lift, hold the brush close to the roots for a few seconds. Move the brush through the section, start to rotate the brush away from your head by pressing and holding the appropriate button. Move the brush away from the head in an upwards motion.As you do this, resist the rotation of the brush by pulling the brush downwards.
To define layers and give shape to styles. Rotate the brush through the section, as you reach the ends of the hair, resist the rotation and spin the brush through the ends.
Always place the protective shield over brush head to protect bristles.
I do like the VOLUME! 
Its not boomz kinda big, but its a very subtle and airy feel.
Overall Review : Ooooo I like it! Thats why Im writing about it! LOL. I love the shine and volume that the styler gives me and its so nice and smooth! It does seem like a professional hair blow session at the comfort of my own home! The only downside is that you need a little practice and its quite bulky for travel. Lastly, I still use my traditional curling tong for my fringe coz the Babyliss doesnt seem to curl my fringe in as nicely as I would like it to look. Its also quite drying for my hair (due to the high heat) but using it a couple times a week is still quite ok. Use alot of heat protectants like hair serums and it should be fine. I do enjoy this product but I dun really understand why Babyliss products cost so much (They retail for over £45 without shipping) ~ so even if my current set might be an imitation, it still works fine! Although its a little cranky now, at the time of writing this post .........
** Do note that this styler is more suited for short-medium length hair.
Hope you like the pictures and review! Going off for dinner with my parents, tags to be replied soon~ 
Sorry about the delay! I need to get my mojo back! xoxo
Back soon y'all! kisses x
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  1. Hi could I check with you, when you put it on the cool air setting, does it blow out cold air or warm hair? Mine blows out warm air! Not sure if it's spoilt :(

  2. Hi Carol! Yes yes its not exactly 'cold' air per se, just not 'hot'! LOL warm would be it, I guess. Dun worry! :D

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hihi, where do you get your adaptor? I can't seem to use it even on my international adaptor :(

  5. Hi toh toh! I use 2 adapters! Lol! One international, another 3 pin plug for local use.

  6. I have one international adaptor but doesn't seem to work for this.. Guess I'll have to buy a new one. Thank you!!!

  7. HI dear Tohtoh! I used my international adapter plugged into ANOTHER adapter! LOLOLOL 2 adapters in total! Weirdzz but it works! hehehe

  8. Hello! Does the set works as a hair straightener as well? I have slightly untamed curly hair and want to straighten it but would also like the salon-blown look. Would you recommend using it?

  9. Hi! Is your item still working fine as at now? I read that this item has a pretty short life span, though the seller indicated that they offer one year warranty.

    Just wanna hear your advice before buying it from Qoo10.


  10. Hi there do you have the picture of the adapter that you are using! The babyliss I purchase on qoo10 doesn't fit!

  11. Hi Serene!
    MIne is working ok I guess.. but sometimes it only goes in one direction (supposed to be able to 'roll' in two directions!) - Abit cranky I would say but at that price.. guess I cant complain :p

    Hi Anon!
    Why doesnt it fit? I use 2 adapters actually! Then can already :)

  12. Hi, I hope you have a good day. Thank you for inspiring us. You bring joy to our face.Visit my site if you have time.

  13. amazing review about this product i like it so much


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